This Week in Mets Quotes

Scouting > Team Owners > GM
"I think the word about not having me on the team didn't come from Omar. It was probably from up there - Jeff or Fred, or someone higher, maybe the scouting.”  Pedro via thedailynews

Honey, I know we made plans to go Sea World but can I play baseball for millions of dollars instead?

“[Regarding offers he has received] Very tempting but I have already committed to my kids for the rest of the year and going on vacations, and made plans already with the family.”  Pedro via

Not really Mets related, but I was rich, I would totally do things like this

“The Jets did have a natural turf field installed prior to last season’s training camp that ran parallel to the main stadium. But the natural surface wasn’t quite ready for the beginning of training camp, and on a few occasions team owner Woody Johnson brought in a helicopter to hover just above the field in an effort to help dry it out.”  Via TheJetsBlog

I thought this was the problem with Reyes

“This is what characterizes the Phillies of this era, and what separates them from the Mets:

Swagger. Arrogance. Condescension toward opponents.”  Andy Martino via thedailynews

Great coaching

"(Expletive), Mike. Your (expletive) is too good for you to be (expletive) around like this."  Warthen to Pelfrey via thedailynews

I would watch the s*** out of this.  I’m serious.

"I wish I had a reality show.” Perez via thedailynews

Our thing = win 1 of the next 4

"I don't try to play GM.  There are 30 teams trying to get better. There's obviously room for improvement with our team. We can't hang our heads it didn't happen. It is what it is. We didn't make any moves, but we have to move forward and do our thing."  Wright via thedailynews

Well at least it was only somewhat embarrassing

"It definitely hurts your pride a little bit when you perform in that manner.  We didn't pitch, we didn't hit and we didn't catch it. That's somewhat embarrassing in front of your home fans where you have built up such tremendous momentum at your home park."  Jerry via thedailynews

Serious wins count as two regular wins

It's getting to the point where we've got to get hot, go on a roll and rattle off some serious wins, especially against the teams we're chasing. We've dug ourselves a hole."  Wright via thedailynews

Probably not a big deal for a second baseman

“I have a problem taking the ball out of my glove.”  Castillo via thedailynews

AA Quote of the Week

“ill give him to the count of 3 to get the f*** off this team before i start shooting!” astromets 

“Pretty sure Frenchy never gets the count to three.”  Jack Str

SiteBot FacePalm Quote of the Week

“After about 10 years of shakey closer, isn’t it time we looked from within the farm system and develop a young kid to be a solid Mariano type guy.  I see two candidates for the job in Mejia and Parnell. What is the worst that could happen?”  Bootneyf by way of MetsBlog

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