This Week in Mets Quotes

That’s what my Dickey said.  No really, he did.

“I got a little bit frisky."  Dickey via dailynews

This is terrible journalism

“You wonder if Frankie Rodriguez, another beauty, another bad contract, would have found the time in his own busy schedule to make the trip if he hadn't disappeared awhile ago with problems of his own. Or if K-O Rodriguez - you really can't call him K-Rod anymore - would have been the Fourth Musketeer on this one.”  Mike Lupica via dailynews

Just like Iron Chef judging, pitching is 20% presentation

"You like to see a guy have that kind of presentation the first time."  Jerry on Dillion Gee’s first start via dailynews

Pelfrey needs to work on how he plates his pitches…*crickets*

"You'd have to say he is an enigma at this point.  He's difficult even for us to figure out. You see good stuff, you see good presentation and then you see some things kind of spinning and losing control, losing command and then obviously confidence and he can't get it back.” Jerry on Pelfrey via dailynews

Cutest home run ever.

"I can't see the ball, so I kept running.  Then the umpire said to me, ‘It's a homer.' Oh, OK. Thank you."  Tejada via dailynews

Old man Dickey gets out old manned

"I don't know how old Livan is, but I know he's old enough to bait somebody. I'm older, too, so I was figuring, 'Is he really arguing or is he baiting me here?' I was affirmed that he was baiting me once I got out at third base. That was a terrible play. I was just trying to make something happen."  Dickey via dailynews

Here’s Jerry’s take on Pelfrey’s problem

The problem is mostly mental, Manuel said, and it's frustrating for the Mets because, "You know the tools are there in the shed, we just have to get them in the right places.”  Jerry via dailynews

Mr. Pelfrey, you now have the floor

Pelfrey disputed the idea that "it was a mental thing" Monday. "I just couldn't throw a strike," he said. "Tried to step off and regroup and I obviously wasn't able to make good pitches. It kind of snowballed."  Pelfrey via dailynews

As long as it doesn’t involve going to the minors

"I want to come here and do my best and get back my spot.  I have one more year.  If I'm here, I'm going to do my best for the team.”  Perez via dailynews

AA Quote of the Week

“Yeah but the Wilpons have embarrassing taped phone calls, videos, and photos of Ollie, so it all kind of cancels everything out.”  NYC Russ

“Anyone with SNY and a DVR, and/or internet access has embarrassing tape, videos, and photos of Ollie.”  MookieTheCat

SiteBot FacePalm Quote of the Week

Phil Rizzuto has championship rings, Carlos Beltran has elective surgery.  Mookes7

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