This Week in Mets Quotes

 Do they even have to ask?

"They asked me if I wanted to finish, I said, ‘Absolutely,’ and that was it." Dickey via


"I love hits. But I found out in that at-bat how bad of a hitter I was.  I thought I hit a fastball, and I look up (at the videoboard) and I see it was a slider."  Pelfrey via

I agree with your first point but Eno totally disagrees with the second point

"He looks like he’s 14.  He can play this game, though." Reyes on Tejada via

Opposing managers hold Pelfrey in a better light than most Mets fans

"We were right there, but Pelfrey’s good. He made the pitches he had to make." Pirates manager John Russell via

Every guy goes through slumps, just remember, you’re still money

"I kind of forgot a little bit what first base feels like." Duda via

Me Either

"I couldn’t believe I made that catch." Pagan via

I thought he was going to say even if it’s against the Pirates

"We’re playing the best baseball we have in a while—even if the Pirates have made some mistakes." Jerry via  

Not to nitpick but your math is off

"Everything happened but the ball going in my glove.  I wish I could give you something good to put down and make it seem right, but I can’t. It’s terrible. It’s inexcusable. It’s embarrassing to me. That’s a play I make 99 times out of a hundred.  Well, I guess now it’s 98 times."  Chris Synder via

Cute quote from a kid who I’m assuming his father took to his first Mets game

"It’s good to get in there and help contribute to the game.  I’d love to be given the opportunity to be a role player on the team."  Nick Evans via

He added, I just want to play like a f***ing Met

"Even though everybody’s kind of interested in the Jets game, I do what I can do for the baseball."  Takahashi via

Fill in the blank:  Victorino is a _______

Shane Victorino scanned the lineup card posted in the Philadelphia clubhouse, checking out who was playing for the New York Mets.  "Sorry, fellas, you all aren’t going to be the spoilers."  Via  

AA Quote of the Week

"Not to worry.  Next year Reyes will be healthy, Beltran will be in the lineup, we’ll acquire a big bat in Bay or Holliday. Santana will have had the surgery and will be back to form."  Juve1899

SiteBot FacePalm Quote of the Week

"They really should consider trading [Pelfrey] when he’s still got good value. Those bad stretches aren’t a fluke. He’s mental, not unlike Oliver Perez."  Cactus via metsblog

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