This Week in Mets Quotes

Alternatively, you could build a team that was better than .500

"We played all year as a .500 team and you’ve got to play better than .500."  Minaya via nyt 

I don’t think Jerry is even watching the game anymore

"This time of the year he could have easily packed it in.  He didn’t have great stuff, but he went out there and fought."  Jerry after Niese allowed 6 runs and 6 walks in 5+ innings via the

Just a remainder, this man makes millions managing a baseball team

When told that Torre said that he hoped the Mets would contact him, Manuel pretended he was a Mets official calling Torre. "What’s up, Dog?" he said laughing. "I’m still here." Via nyt

According to Rule 5.10 C. (1), "If an accident to a runner is such to prevent him from proceeding to a base to which he is entitled, as on a home run hit out of the playing field ...a substitute runner shall be permitted to complete the play."  Jerry Manuel said he was not aware of the rule, thus why Hernandez has to painfully jog around the bases via nyt

Yeah, those three losses to the Braves really made things tough

"It would have been a long shot.  Once we lost the three to the Braves that made it a difficult thing to do."  Jerry reacting to the Mets being eliminated via

These quotes come from a Mets-Braves recap

"Philly’s always fun," Lee said. "East Coast crowds are loud."

Added catcher Brian McCann "It’s a playoff atmosphere in Philly in April." 


Guy has no heart and/or passion

"The only way I want to feel going into the off-season is healthy.  I have planned this off-season to work hard, do my training like I normally do every single year before the season. And my plans are to come back to spring training 100 percent and ready to help this team."  Beltran via nyt

He added, but at least they were close amiright?

"When you look back on our season, when we started the second half we arrived with a lot of expectation.  We arrived in the thick of things and then that West Coast trip. The bottom line about that West Coast trip was, we lost a lot of close games."  Minaya via dailynews

Pagan: Mets Male Role Model of the Year
"We were so relieved to find out that it didn't seem like it was too serious. Still, when you're a father and something is wrong with your little girl, it's scary." 
"When something is happening in your life, you can't bring it to the ballpark.  You have anything else in your mind when you're hitting up there, you're in trouble. I was still upset and tired after walking around all day, and being worried."  Pagan via dailynews

AA Quote of the Week

James and CPP tag team letsgocyclones question of how much it would cost an MLB team to have a stat research:

Stat guy expense

Computers: $5,000
Cheetos: $2.79
Porn: $1,000
The look on Omar’s face when DIPS theory is explained: Priceless - James K.

You forgot the most important one:

Rent: free (thanks, Mom!) – CPP

SiteBot FacePalm Quote of the Week

"Pelfrey, Potential Star?? Hahaha. I was done with Pelf a long time ago, Trade him!"  SamsHops response to Garik’s 1800+ word analysis of Mike Pelfrey

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