This Week in Mets Quotes

I was thinking of making this week a Francoeur Avenue send off with just the reactions of the fans but I think this quote sums things up

"With Carlos [Beltran] coming back next season and knowing what Angel [Pagan] has done this season, they are not going to need me as a fourth outfielder."  Jeff Francoeur via nypost

New standards for the Mets, getting the barrel on the ball in BP is impressive

"He was so impressive to me in batting practice that I want to see what he looks like.  Every ball that he hit, he hit on the barrel. It was a different sound than anybody that we had.”  Jerry who not only manages with his gut but with his ears via nypost

I would honestly want to hear what Manuel would do differently

"When you are in this position that I'm in and you want to be a major league manager and you dream of being in this position, you always think of things you would do different than what I do here."  Jerry via nypost

Weird, it’s almost like young players can actually improve and develop in the minors

"[Mejia] was throwing [his curveball] for strikes, and it was a much more usable pitch than it had been the last time we saw it." Ricco via nypost

So, do you focus on the Mets job or the guys you have there 

"It would be impossible to say I don't focus on [the Mets managerial job.]  Do I want the Mets to do good? Absolutely, because this is who I came up with. Do I want the organization to be better? Absolutely. Are there things that maybe I could do better? Probably. But my focus has to be on the guys we have here. I don't want to have any distractions."  Wally Backman already reminding me of Jerry with his doublespeak via nypost

If Wagner was GM, I wonder what area of the team he would improve.

They've got a lot of talent over there. It's unfortunate -- you hate to see a great organization like that go through this. But a trade here and a trade there and they are fine.”  Wagner via nypost


F---ing shocker


"They will go out and make their splash. It's just, where do they need to make that splash? The starting staff has got some guys that can pitch. You may have to add some guys in the bullpen."  Wagner via nypost


Personally, I would have called it something harsher than ‘classless’


“A fan in the right-field seats threw a half-empty plastic bottle near Francoeur, the former Braves’ hometown star, in the sixth.  “You never know what to expect,” Francoeur said. “I played here four years and played hard.  A lot of people cheered me, but one bozo did that. You can boo me, but don’t throw a bottle at me. … That was classless.”  Via

I heart Thole

“I wouldn’t get used to that,” Thole regarding his HR against the Astros via

It’s getting harder for Jerry to look at the bright side

 “We seem to have the better at-bats late.  It’s almost a little too late at that point.”  Jerry via

AA Quote of the Week

“Summing up Frenchy's legacy in New York: When all is said and done, I think we can all agree, that of all the players ever to were a Mets uniform, Jeff Francoeur was definitely one of them”  Kendy Namo

SiteBot FacePalm Quote of the Week

(While, there were a number of FacePalm reactions to Bastille Day, they were expected, this was not.)

“How?  For gods sake, Magic is a card game. D&D is an RPG game. They are two completely separate things!”  Brooklyn Dodger Mets Fan

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