This Week in Mets Quotes

Guy has no passion

"In my career, I have never played dirty. But on that particular slide I wanted to hit somebody. Unfortunately nobody was there. They got out of the way."  Beltran via

Beltran’s heart for team trainer

"Honestly, in my heart, I don’t feel like I have to worry.  I feel something. I don’t know what it is. But you know, after being back and being able to play all these games, I didn’t feel anything until today. So let’s see what happens."  Beltran via

"I’m happy actually the MRI shows the knee’s better.  I’m happy for that part. The part that I’m not happy about is just that I wanted to finish the season playing but by the recommendation by the doctor they don’t want me to play."  Beltran via

I hear the champagne will taste that much sweeter

"It would’ve been nice if our fans could’ve seen us [win the division."  Charlie Manuel via

Which he might since Jerry won’t be manager next year

"[Luda will be] a run producer.  He’ll put up some big RBI numbers if he gets his at-bats."  Jerry via

Didn’t he say that last year and go to that special athlete training facility that Revis goes to?

"[Perez] is really eager to work and come back strong next year," a source via dailynews.

A fitting way to end his stay with the Mets  

"Manuel said that he wanted to use Castillo at the beginning of the at-bat, but could not immediately find him." Via dailynews

Even Wright’s clichés are looking forward to the offseason

"It feels good to play good baseball."  Wright via dailynews

AA Quote of the Week

Just wakin’ up in the morning gotta thank God
I don’t know but this series seems kinda odd
no barkin’ from Ricco, no questioning my heart
and when i roll through second base the phillies fall apart

even with the discount, the Yankees didn’t want me
now I’m stuck in Flushing where all they do is taunt me
but get me in the playoffs and I’m trouble
in 2004 with Houston f*cked around and hit 8 hrs and 3 doubles

despite what you’ve heard, i aint no baseball Mary
though i must admit, the Wrigley ivy last month looked kinda scary
this season’s been bad, i spent time on my fanny
haven’t had it this rough since
that time i exchanged brain fluid with Cammy

gettin sh*t for Walter Reed well it ain’t right
all anyone remembers is when i got
caught looking at a hook from that bastard Adam Wainwright

Freakin baseballs everyway, like Willie Mays
I can’t believe, today was a good day.

Walked off the field, and hit the showers
I’m just happy i can do that under my own power

Cause just yesterday them fools tried to blast me
saw the media and they rolled right past me

understood my favorite bible verse been tryin’ since the 12th grade
its ironic, i had the mole, Jerry had the sillies
the metros beat the phillies
today was a good day


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