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With my AAOP, I assumed that no team wants a part of our "mediocre" minor leaguers(while this may be the general opinion outside of Mets fans, I think the Mets minor league is full of young talent) or major league players so I didn't look into TRAIDs. As such, I tried to improve this team with FA signings and internal options. With the massive contracts of Bay and Santana the ability for Sandy to make big moves is limited(at least that is how I feel). So I tried to get players with contracts that will expire along with Bay's and Santana's. This way on 2014 we can be major players in the trade, FA, and rookie market. Also with the team that I made, I feel we can be competitive in 2012 and 2013 without going too much over the suggested payroll of $110 million

I thought I was being very conservative with WAR assignments. So I think this win total is the absolute floor of this team barring ridiculous injuries. If Reyes, Davis, Santana, Wright, Murphy, Niese, Duda, and even Dickey(gave him 2.5 he can easily put up over 3 WAR) outperform their assigned WAR’s by just a little(which they are fully capable of), this can be a 90+ win team. I also listed some AAA players that I feel will be able to help out the club. I think our AAA team will be decently stacked next year and I am pretty excited about our prospects there(just take a look towards the end where I list what the lineup can look like, I think it's pretty impressive.)

Starting Pitching

Santana 24 mil 2.5WAR
Dickey  4.75mil 2.5WAR
Niese .45mil 2.5WAR
Kuroda 10mil(signed him for 2 years  10 per) 2.3 WAR
Gee(Schwinden, let them duke it out in spring training winner goes to rotation loser to bp) .45mil 1 WAR


Byrdak 1.2 mil 0.2WAR
Herrera .45mil 0.1WAR
Parnell .8mil 0.4WAR
Acosta .8mil 0.2WAR
Loser of Gee/Schwinden .45mil 0.3WAR
Frank Francisco (closer) (2 year 10 mil 5 per) 5mil 1WAR
This last BP position should go to best performer in ST from minor leaguers .45 mil 0.1 WAR


C- Thole .45mil 1.5WAR
1B- Davis .45mil 3WAR
2B- Murphy .45mil 2.5WAR
SS- Reyes (6 yr 120) 18 mil 5WAR
3B- Wright 15.25mil 3.5WAR
RF- Duda .45mil 2.5WAR
CF- Pagan 5mil 2WAR
LF- Bay 18.13mil 2WAR


Tejada(backs up SS and 2B) .45mil .8WAR
Evans(backs up LF, RF, 1B) .45mil .4WAR
Turner(backs up 3B and 2B) .45mil .3WAR
Ramon Hernandez (catcher) 3mil 1 WAR
Endy Chavez(CF/LF/RF) 1.5 mil .4WAR

Players in Triple A that can contribute

CF-Capt, Kirk
LF- Baxter
C- Nickeas

Pitchers in Triple A that can contribute to starting pitching

Mejia(later on in year)
McHugh, Familia, and Harvey will probably join this rotation after 10 -12 more starts, can get September call ups


Pitchers in Triple A that can contribute to relief

Beato, Stinson, and whoever I listed above that couldn’t make the BP.

Total ~113mil
Total WAR 39 Expected Win Total 85

My FA signings included Kuroda(hoping he stays in the US), Frank Francisco for closer, Endy for 4th outfielder, and Ramon Hernandez from Cincy as backup catcher. I signed Reyes(PAY THE MAN!!!) for 6 years and $120mil. Non-tendered Pelfry and signed Pagan for 1 more year. Yes I went a little over the 110 but I think we can find $3mil more to spend(DO IT WILPONZ) Thank you for taking the time to read my AAOP.

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