Emphasis On "Face" Face Of The Team

A silly follow-up to the FanPost by Rickfansince76, Face of the team

My basic and easy method for finding the following pictures was GIS: [Team Name] Face.  I'm sure if you went into specifics you could find great pictures for most individual players.

I heartily encourage anyone who can find better face pictures of players to slap them in the comments, but you hardly need me to tell you that.

Hardly surprising Mets choice: Dickeyface_medium

via AA, eh?

National League

Arizona Diamondbacks: Ept_sports_mlb_experts-305767698-1247727623_medium

via Yahoo! Sports Big League Stew

Atlanta BravesBobby-cox-ejected_medium

via  There are better Cox ejection pictures, but the ump is priceless in this one.

Chicago Cubs: 610x_medium


Cincinnati Reds: 2010101000002534_medium

via  Not an incredible face, but bonus points for looking so nonchalant whilst placing your foot in a doucheface.

Colorado Rockies: Gyi0061661298_medium

via Purple Row

Florida Marlins 2010041500002368_medium

via  How to pitch to Hanley.
Houston AstrosGyi0060375247_crop_450x500_medium

via Bleacher Report

Los Angeles DodgersOrlando-hudson-crazy-face-dodgers_medium


Milwaukee Brewers Colorado_rockies_v_milwaukee_brewers_3p6eae7njnzl_medium

Non Dickey New York Mets Mets_bon_medium

via  Ah, the good old days. Look how happy everyone was.

Philadelphia PhilliesRollins-ball-face_medium

via  also via everywhere else

Pittsburgh Pirates Gyi0060612956_crop_450x500_medium


San Diego Padres E5f95900d6330672a9e984_large_medium

San Francisco Giants: 01giants_66501_medium

via Doug James Photography

St. Louis Cardinals 4583219dff_molin_medium

via Boston Herald  Damn You!

Washington Nationals: Nationals_orioles_bas_star_s640x748_medium

via The Washington Times


American League

Baltimore Orioles: 4c49084d97ca6

via Olean Times Herald  Wiggi!

Boston Red Sox: 121093_medium

via  Bonus points for knowing who this is w/o clicking on link.

Chicago White Sox: Ozzie_guillen_200707_ap_medium

via bodogBeat
Cleveland Indians Grady-sizemore-2_medium

via  That is Grady Sizemore.

Detroit Tigers: Max-scherzer-detroit-tigers-36fb3627d343db0d_large_medium


Kansas City Royals: Guillen0804_medium


Los Angeles Angels 81849956_medium

via Getty Images

Minnesota Twins Pavstache_medium


New York Yankees A-rod-got-money_medium

via obsessedwithsports

Oakland A's Brad_20pitt-spx-035033_medium


Seattle Mariners Ichiro-meets-obama_medium


Tampa Bay Rays: Devile-rays-manager-joe-maddon-ap_medium


Texas Rangers: Ron-washington1_medium


Toronto Blue Jays Capt1da227580adf4df2860970948f0ec2deblue_jays_braves_baseball_gags1091_medium


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