What's your Mets In-Game OCD Move/Superstition?

Do you ever think that you can influence the outcome of a Mets game if you do certain actions/superstitions during the game?

Here are some that I'm convinced do work:

Scenario:  Mets are losing after the 6th inning

OCD Move:  Change the channel to YES Yankee game -  if Yankees are winning change back to SNY quickly within less than a second

Rationale:  Drag via remote control some of the Yankees offense/luck over to the Mets. (If Yankees are losing, leave it on their game and enjoy)

Scenario:  Listening to the Mets game on the car radio and they just took the lead via Wright HR, you get home, turn on the TV only to see the other team come right back to tie or take the lead.

OCD Move:  Shut off TV - if other team tied - ok to turn on radio at home - if opposing team took the lead, must get back in the car, turn on the radio and go for a ride - cannot be parked while listening.

Rationale: Obviously the good fortune of the Mets that day lies on the FAN's radio waves only


Scenario:  This one's pretty obvious - Mets are winning and girlfriend walks into the room - all of a sudden the other team starts coming back as in cue

OCD Move: Girlfriend must leave the room immediately unbeknownst to her as to why

Rationale:  Girlfriend has brought in the bad luck vibe to the Mets but must not know because that will only strengthen the powers of the dark force on her for every other Mets game and then of course she would have to be dumped

Scenario:  You're wearing a new Mets jersey and the player that you're wearing is doing awesome in the game

OCD Move:  Grab another Mets player jersey, preferably one that isn't playing well and wear it underneath

Rationale: The good vibes from the new jersey will transfer through the fabric and transmit to the bad

Scenario:  This one is for DESPERATION GAMES ONLY :  Mets doing horrible, been losing all game,  no offense, no pitching, no defense - the whole game has been a disgusting mess

OCD Move:  Start cheering for the other team immediately! Focus on only their players, watch their batters swing, their pitchers pitch and completely ignore the Mets players

Rationale:  Obviously this isn't your day and whatever you cheer for will go to hell in a handbasket - Take all
that negative evil fortune and focus it on the Mets' opponent before 9 are up!!

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