AA Records Presents: It's Dickey

R.A. Dickey is my favorite Mets pitcher. Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie. Put them together, and, well...


(Click and sing along!)

Omar Minaya: You'll give me money to sign Ollie

Fred Wilpon: Must give you money to sign Ollie...Oh? What is that? That music! Uh? Hee hee! Omar, you must come see this!


Say "Yay, R.A. Dickey"!

Say "Yay, R.A. Dickey"!


Hey! Clear the way for the superstar!

How knew?

What he threw!

Batter says "au revoir"


Oh come!

Be the first on your block to see this guy!


Make way!

Here he comes!

Clap hands! Bang cowbells!

Watch as all the batters cry!


Oh Dickey!

Fabulous he!

Pitcher at Citi!



Gotta respect

Mr. Dickey


Now, try your best to stay calm

Watching him pitch with aplomb

Batters return to the dugout and worry


It's Dickey!

Fabulous he!

Pitcher at Citi!


Ball moves well

Batter death knell



He blanked the real scary Phils

Sent them packing back to the hills

Who's got plenty of mad skillz?

Why, it's Dickey!


He hits eighty-five with his good fastball

And the knuckler

It hits fifty-three

When it comes to exotic-type pitches

With much ballyhoo,

I'm telling you, it causes much agony


It's Dickey!

Awesome is he!

Pitcher at Citi!


That movement!

How can I speak?

Buckles the knee


Well, get up into your chair

Order your food and prepare

To gawk and marvel and stare at, at Dickey!


He does lots of work for the charities

(He likes the helping, he likes the helping)

And havarti is his favorite cheese

(On sandwiches, yum sandwiches)

He's got fans, he's got teammates and junkies

They all love him, up to the brim

Quotes bursting with poignancy

Oh Dickey!

Oh Dickey!


Oh Dickey!

Glamorous he!

Pitcher at Citi!


He's the best

Gotta confess



And that, you Met fans, is why

I hope he never says bye


His knuckleball will go down in Mets lore

He puts up the stats

That you cannot ignore

He's got a degree

He comes from Tennessee

He is number forty-three!


Say "Yay"!

For it's R.A.!

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