AAOP: Schwinden Soup for the Soul

It's that time of year again. The suppressed hope wrapped in a blanket of cynicism and dread. But hey, we're the Mets. so you signed up for this.

My AAOP centers on a couple of ideas

1) I love Jose Reyes, but I'm not paying him 5-6 years 20-22 million/year. During his Mets career he's been worth roughly 130 million dollars. He's not getting I just can't commit to that. That being said, if the best offer he gets is around 4-5 years of 18 million/year. I'll take him for that. But that's just being unrealistic in my mind.

2) Jason Bay sucks, and the old statement that "we're paying him, so we're playing him" is BS.( I hated him BEFORE we signed him ) Giving him AB's hurts this team. That being said, we can't afford to release him. Instead, I think he should just hit against Lefties. His numbers are much better against LHP. So signing an OF who can hit RHP and also have positional flexibility in case of injuries is a necessity.

3) Need another Starter. The Hope for Pelfrey is over (I want him untendered). Cap was solid. Let's bring him back. I like Paul Maholm. With Pittsburgh having to pick between bringing Cedeno, Doumit, and Maholm back, Maholm may go. Also, his injury to end last season will bring down his asking price. Overall, he's a solid 2+ WAR/Year pitcher under 30. I don't think I need to prove his worth as a 3-4 starter in our rotation.

4) Bring in Joe Nathan. His value is down. NL hitters aren't familiar with him. I'll give him a chance considering his velocity drop wasn't major.

5) Bring in a good fielding backup SS purely as a late inning fielding replacement, and occasional 8 hitter.



1) David Dejesus- 2 years 10 mil with club option for 3rd.

2) Paul Maholm - 3 years  14.5 mil with club option for 4th

3) Joe Nathan - 1 year 6 mil (with incentive of 35 saves taking it to 10 mil) with club option worth 10 mil for 2012

4) Jack Wilson - 1 year 1 mil.



1) Jose Reyes

2) Mike Pelfrey

3) Ryoto Igarashi

4) Taylor Buchholtz

5) Willie Harris

6) Jason Isringhausen

7) Manny Acosta



C- Josh Thole -1 WAR- 450k

1B - Ike Davis - 4 WAR - 450k

2B- Daniel Murphy - 2.5 WAR -450k

SS- Ruben Tejada - 2 WAR - 450k

3B- David Wright - 3 WAR - 15.25 mil

LF- Jason Bay/David Dejesus - 1 WAR/2 WAR - 18.1 mil/ 5 mil

CF- Angel Pagan - 2 WAR - 5 mil

RF- Lucas Duda 2 WAR - 450k


B- Ronny Paulino - .5 WAR - 1.8 mil

B- Nick Evans - .2 WAR -450k

B- Justin Turner - .5 WAR - 450k

B- Jack Wilson - .1 WAR - 1 mil




SP- Johan Santana - 3 WAR -24 mil

SP- Jonathan Niese - 2 WAR - 450k

SP- Paul Maholm - 2 WAR - 5 mil

SP- RA Dickey - 2 WAR - 4.75 mil

SP- Chris Capuano - 1 WAR- 5 mil


LR- Dillon Gee - 0.3 WAR- 450k

MR - Tim Byrdak - 0.2 WAR - 1.2 mil

MR - D.J. Carrasco - .2 WAR - 1.2 mil

MR- Chris Schwinden - .2 WAR - 450k

MR - Daniel Herrera - .2 WAR - 450k

SU - Bobby Parnell - .5 WAR - 450k

CL- Joe Nathan - 1.5 WAR - 6 mil



If you think my dollar values are slightly short for Free Agents, No big deal. The payroll for this roster is 96.8, so add on where you're unsatisfied.


My plan attempts to do 4 things: 1) Minimize Jason Bay plate appearances  2) Improve Starting Pitching 3) Get a closer 4) Minimize future large problem contracts to make room for guys like Kirk, Havens, Flores, Mejia, Harvey, Wheeler, Familia, etc.



Whatcha think?

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