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Trades and Signings

The Mets in 2011, for the first time in ages, did not suffer from a lack of grit. Second base, often regarded as a particularly gritty position (perhaps second only to the catcher) in particular displayed a level of intestinal fortitude not seen since the early days of Ty Wigginton. Lack of grit, however, is not the same as an abundance of it.

1) Let Jose Reyes walk

Reyes will simply be too expensive to keep on our budget, which already has the contracts of Jason Bay, Johan Santana, and David Wright weighing it down/ Like Sandy said, signing Jose might hamstring the budget, and quite honestly, assuming Jose Reyes will produce ~18 WAR over the course of a five year contract, $5.5M per win is not something I'm willing to pay. Jose is too risky for a team like the Mets, who are not particularly close to contending, to sign. My prediction is that he winds up with Sabean and the Giants for something like 5/100.

2) Let Chris Capuano walk

Yeah, Cappy put up a really nice season this year, especially peripherally. This means that he's due for some sort of significant payday. The Mets have other guys who can put up 1.6 WAR. Who are these mythical beasts? Read on.

3) Trade for a decent pitcher

The Mets could use some more pitching. The guy that I think the Mets need to target is Tigers right-hander Rick Porcello. Porcello became a forgotten man in Detroit with the ers of Verlander, Fister, and Scherzer heading the rotation and the other er of Jacob Turner waiting in the wings. Last year, Porcello posted a FIP of 4.06 and has terrific potential to improve. However, I feel that he's become an undervalued commodity. To get him, the Mets could build a package around Justin Turner and a couple good prospects (pick two of Lagares, Flores, Nieuwenhuis, Puello), who I love but doesn't have too much of a place on the team. The Detroit Tigers, on the other hand, desperately need a utility infielder second baseman. Turner would be a perfect fit on the Tigers. We could also trade Murphy straight up for Porcello but we need the Murph Dog to play second base because Ruben Tejada is playing short and there is no Jose Reyes.

If Dave Dombrowski wasn't an old-school guy who probably looks at ERA, or I didn't trust Sandy to make a steal here, I wouldn't make this trade.

4) Trade Mike Pelfrey for salary relief/C-grade prospects, or failing that, tender him a contract because we are gonna need some innings.

Our rotation at the top end will include Johan Santana, RA Dickey, and Jonathan Niese. Between these guys, we can expect some nice quality innings. Then we need some other inning sources. After June 1st, we will call up either Jeurys Familia or Matt Harvey and replace the underperforming players.

Here are the in-house starting pitchers we can use as holdovers until the cavalry emerges.

And that's it.

I honestly don't think Schwinden is any worse than Gee and whoever pitches better in spring training should win the fifth starter's job. If we can't trade Pelfrey we will use him over Schwinden or Gee, stick Gee in long relief and put Schwinden in AAA.

5) Sign Grady Sizemore to an incentive laden deal

Pretty self-explanatory. We hope that he can regain his prior form, and keep Angel Pagan around as a fourth outfielder to spell Duda and Bay and come in for defense. And if Sizemore injures himself, we have both Pagan and Captain Kirk waiting in the wings.

6) We need a backup catcher

mike nickeas

7) Mike Nickeas gets injured!

mike piazza

8) Mike Piazza is retired!

mike difelice

9) We have Ronny Paulino?

oh ya bring him back

10) dat bullpen

We should keep Bobby Parnell, Pedro Beato (loljk we will use Daniel Ray Herrera instead), and Manny Acosta. The Acostalypse will become our shutdown supercloser. Signing a closer for 4.5M to perform 0.2 WAR better than Acosta is silly. We got the Byrdman as our lefty ace out of the pen. Then we sign Micah Owings and Juan Cruz to walk the bases loaded for mere pennies (spring invites lol). Fill out the bullpen with Gee/Schwinden and the sweet spinning styles of DJ Carrasco or the less sucky spinning styles of Josh Stinson, and presto pronto you've got yourself the world's crummiest bullpen. We also tender a contract to Taylor Buchholz and hope he stops being sad cause god damn he is filthy.

11) Do not spend any more money! oh but we need a backup ss/2b.

We don't need any more benchies. Instead we will replace them with other luzers who aren't good enough to play in the starting lineup. These include luzers like Josh Satin and Nick Evans. Satin will assume the Murphy role from last season. Evans will assume the righthanded bench bat role last year that was filled by Evans. Then we need WILLIE BLOOMQUIST to grit this thang up. Too bad David Eckstein is retired or he would have been the perfect backup ss/2b. Bloomquist is an extreme insurance option as I expect Tejada and Murphy to play 155 games a year. If this doesn't happen Hi Jordany welcome to the Majors!

12) but Nerfan, this team only costs 84.8 million bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That means we sign Albert Pujols for 25M a year for 10 years. Thanks for playing, ladies and gentlemen. No, but actually, this money is for the future. If we save 25 million now, we can dump a truckload of money into the international free agent market. My AAOP is designed not to contend in 2012 or even 2013, but 2014 and beyond. The Mets are stuck somewhere in between rebuilding and contending. If we had a 130M budget to work with, I'd say damn the torpedos, sign Reyes and Yu Darvish, and go for it in 2012. Right now I think the Mets have to go into full rebuild mode.

Nah, I'm gonna sign me Pujols. Stick Pujols in left field. Move Jason Bay to the Nick Evans slot.

A word on Jose Reyes:

Look, Ruben Tejada's performance would have been worth 3+ WAR prorated over a full season. And he's still improving. The Tejada/Murphy combination will outperform the Turner/Reyes combination next year. That's my guarantee of the year.






The Opening Day Roster

please note that if Mike Pelfrey is brought back this team will be more expensive

Player $ (Millions)
C Josh Thole 0.4
1B Ike Davis 0.4
2B Daniel Murphy 0.4
3B David Wright 15.3
SS Ruben Tejada
LF Albert Pujols
CF Grady Sizemore
RF Lucas Duda 0.4
Bench Angel Pagan
Bench Josh Satin
Bench Jason Bay
Bench Ronny Paulino 1.5
Bench Willie Bloomquist
SP Johan Santana 24.0
SP R.A. Dickey 4.8
SP Rick Porcello
SP Jon Niese 0.5
SP Dillon Gee
Manny Acosta
RP Juan Cruz
RP Taylor Buchholz 0.9
RP Tim Byrdak 1.2
RP Bobby Parnell 0.4
RP Daniel Ray Herrera 0.4
Minors D.J. Carrasco 1.2

Total 109.3

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