AAOP: To beat the man, you must PAY THE MAN!

I must preface this AAOP by stating that I honestly do not have the time or energy to discuss or even contemplate adding any sabermetrics to this. Mostly because I do not understand half of them and the time and energy devoted to researching them to figure them out would be way more than what I have or even want to expend. With that minor rant out of the way, on to my AAOP:


I think most people's AAOP will include this first and very important step. I figure we will sign Reyes to a 6 year/110M contract. The contract will look like so: 2012: 17M, 2013: 18M, 2014: 18M, 2015, 2016, and 2017 19M each. Jose Reyes is a very important piece to a contending team. He provides speed, defense, and an overall offensive spark. He may not hit for much power but he will provide you with MANY chances to score. RUNZ = WINZ!


Jason Bay is a hitting cancer and his contract is horrendous. I think a chance of scenery and a bus ride back to the AL is in order. I propose trading Jason Bay along with Mark Cohoon and Armando Rodriguez to the Chicago White Sox for Jake Peavy. I think this trade actually benefits both teams. The White Sox get a potential upgrade over Juan Pierre and 2 young pitchers who should contribute on a major league roster. Unfortunately for those pitchers they are blocked by studs like Harvey, Wheeler, Mejia, and Familia. The Mets get a proven starter who will benefit from the NL and a pitcher friendly park.


Offer arbitration to Manny Acosta and Angel Pagan. Manny Acosta was one of the few bright spots to the Mets bullpen and he should continue that performance in 2012. Angel Pagan definitely had a down year but is far from the norm for him and I expect him to perform closer to his career numbers and possibly a 2010 Angel Pagan.

Non-tender Taylor Bucholz, Ronny Paulino, and Mike Pelfrey. While Bucholz was great in the few innings he did pitch, I am not sure that he will be ready and in baseball form by start of 2012. I think we should offer him a Minor League contract with an invitation to Spring Training to see what he looks like. Bullpen depth is never a bad thing. Ronny Paulino and his useless bat can take a hike. There are much better offensive and defensive catchers on the market. Pelfrey and Paulino and ride out together. Pelfrey is nothing more than a number 5 pitcher and we have a few options for the number 5 that are cheaper (Dillon Gee, Chris Schwinden).


With Bay gone, you are probably wondering who is playing LF. That answer is Lucas Duda. So who is playing right field. While Who will be on my bench, he is not starting RF. That title goes to CARLOS BELTRAN! I think Sandy would love to have him back and I think Carlos would love to be back. We sign Carlos Beltran for 2 years 23 Million. Also on the FA signing list, a back up/platoon catcher. I was torn between Kelly Shoppach and Ramon Hernandez and ultimately I decided on Shoppach for 2 years 5 Million. For back up CF we sign the defensive prowess of Rick Ankiel for 3 years 5 Million. He is a better bat than Pridie and I feel about the same defensively. For bullpen help, I am adding two pieces here. Joe Nathan for 3 years 7.5 Million and Jonathan Broxton for 2 years 3.5 Million with an option for a 3rd year at 2 Million based on number of appearances. This provides us with a "proven" closer and whoever loses out on the closer job and take the set up man job.

And I present to you the 2012 New York Mets:

SP: Johan Santana                    24 Million

SP: R.A. Dickey                       4.75 Million

SP: Jon Niese                           400K

SP: Jake Peavy             17 Million

SP: Dillon Gee              400K

C: Josh Thole                           400K

1B: Ike Davis                           400K

2B: Daniel Murphy                   400K

SS: Jose Reyes             17 Million

3B: David Wright                      15.25 Million

LF: Lucas Duda                        400K

CF: Angel Pagan                      5 Million

RF: Carlos Beltran                    11.5 Million

RP: Manny Acosta                   1 Million

RP: Bobby Parnell                    1.5 Million

RP: Daniel Ray Herrera            400K

LOOGY: Tim Byrdak               1.2 Million

SU: Jonathan Broxton               1.75 Million

CL: Joe Nathan                        2.5 Million

Bench: Kelly Shoppach 2.5 Million

Bench: Rick Ankeil                   1.5 Million

Bench: Ruben Tejada                400K

Bench: Justin Turner                  400K

Bench: Nick "Who" Evans        400K

Total:                                        110.45 Million

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