AAOP: $top the Bleeding!


Open till (via Deborah Fitchett)


My AAOP goes about $9 million over the suggested payroll of $110, in an attempt to stop the decline in attendance and revenues. You have to spend money (albeit wisely) to make money, the saying goes-especially in New York. The goal is to be competitive and still build for the future (i.e., by not giving up top prospects).

Heck, we have Davis, Murphy, and Santana coming back from injuries. That alone should get some wins. And Wright and Duda will be around for the entire season, hopefully, and do a lot better with the fences moved in (as should Bay). With improved pitching, the Mets should be competitive and even have a shot at a wildcard spot.

Starting Pitching

Sign C. J. Wilson for 5 years and $90 million ($18 million/year). WAR 4.5

Santana $24 million WAR 3.5

Dickey $4.75 million WAR 4.0

Niese $0.43 million WAR 1.2

Gee $0.43 million WAR 1.0 

Non-tender Pelfrey (He's not worth the $5 million for his 1.5 WAR)

Relief Pitching

Sign Joel Peralta ($1.25 million WAR 1.0) and Frank Francisco ($4.5 million WAR 1.5) to set-up and close, respectively.

We need two lefties, and we have them in:

Byrdak $1.5 million WAR 0.5 and

Herrera $0.43 million WAR 0.2

Parnell has too good an arm to give up on-at least for a non-closing role $0.43 million WAR 0.5 

Same for Acosta $0.75 WAR 0.7

Same for Beato $0.43 million WAR 0.2

Carrasco can pitch in Buffalo, but we're paying him $1.2 million. 


Thole starts. $0.43 million WAR 1.2

Nickeas backs him up. $0.43 million WAR 0.1 

Paulino is non-tendered. He looked awful the second half of 2011, and is too expensive for his -0.1 WAR.

Starting Infielders

Davis $0.43 million WAR 3.0

Murphy $0.43 million WAR 2.3

Sign Reyes for 5 years and $95 million ($19 million/year). WAR 5.0

Wright $15.25 million WAR 4.5

Starting Outfielders

Bay $18.13 million WAR 2.5

Pagan $5 million WAR 2.5

Duda $0.43 million WAR 2.0


Evans $0.43 million WAR 1.0 (RH PH, 1B, 3B, LF, RF)

Turner $0.43 million WAR 0.2 (RH PH, 2B, SS, 3B)

Pridie $0.43 million WAR 0.4 (LF PH, LF, CF, RF)

Martinez $0.43 million WAR 0.2. We don't want to lose F-Mart. He's out of options. (LH PH, LF, RF)

Tejada regrettably goes to the minors, but will inevitably be called up when "something happens." He needs to play everyday.

TOTAL BUDGET = $119.35 million.

WAR = 44

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