AAOP: Improbable Off-season, youth Takes the reigns

Don't know what parameters Eric set for this season's AAOP, but here's my try, and I lied-you guys inspired me to do one.

1) re-sign Jose Reyes to 5 years $90M with 2 option years and full no trade clause. PAY THE MAN

minor free agent stuff: UT Willie Bloomquist (2 years $4M),Micah Owings, Hong-Ching Kuo, Joel Zumaya, to minor league deals. Release DJ Carrasco ($1M).

6 big trades in the off season:

1) David Wright with RHP Armando Rodriguez to Rockies for 3B Nolan Arenado, OF Delta Cleary, and LHP Christian Fredrich. I love David Wrongz, but I am scared of his zooming K rate and his throwing problems, and the Rockies probably won't give up this much for him....

2) later flip Christian Fredrich with Brad Holt to Marlins for Logan Morrison($0.414M). probably won't happen, but this way the Marlins get a future closer in Brad Holt, and get a problem player off their hands in LoMo.

3) trade RHP Chris Schwinden with Josh Satin to A's for C Josh Donaldson or Kurt Susuki(4 years $16.25M).

4) fantasy dream swap ALERT: If Omar Minaya signs as GM with Angels: trade Jason Bay with $10M cash to the Angels for OF's Peter Bourjos($0.414M), Bobby Abreu($9M).

5) trade Bobby Abreu to Indians for RHP Nick Hagdone. lastly:

Forget CJ Wilson, he'll cost too much in years and money. I am aiming for Houston's Wandy Rodriguez(3 years $34M- 2012 at $10M). I am hoping their GM is still stupid enough to take little in return for their ace.

6) last big trade: Dillon Gee, Francisco Pena, LHP Marc Cohoon, and F-Mart for Wandy. unlikely, but you never know...

so the 2012 team will look like this:

first base: Ike Davis, a healthy Ike is going to hit 25 HRs, you can bet on it.

second base: Ruben Tejada, is only keeping the bag warm for Jordany Vadelspin or Reese Havens.

shortstop: Jose Reyes($18M. just pay the man.

third base: Daniel Murphy

catcher: Kurt Susuki ($3.4M)

left field:Logan Morrison

center field: Peter Bourjos

right field: Lucas Duda

bench: Willie Bloomquist($2M), Micah Owings, Josh Thole, Justin Turner.

pitching Staff: Johan Santana($24M) Wandy Rodriguez($10M) Jon Niese R.A. Dickey($4M) Mike Pelfrey ($5M)

bullpen Manny Acosta, Bobby Parnell, Nick Hagdone, Pedro Beato, or Joel Zumaya, Tim Byrdak, Daniel Ray Herrera, Huo-Chi Kuo($1M) $10M cash to Angels (Bay).

I didn’t calculate any monies, but I should be well under $110/120M since I traded David Wright AND Jason Bay.



I realize the chances of trading Bay is next to nil, even if the team ate half or most of the contract, even IF Omar signed on with the Angels! so, when that doesn't happen, add Bay's and re-sign Angel Pagan for 1 year $5M.

I also didn't go after an established closer because I don't believe in them. I'd rather attempt to develop our own homegrown closer that the team can control for several years.

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