AAOP: No psychiatrist required


The Mosher AAOP: Mr. Met, your doctor is on line one.

Longtime reader and huge fan of Amazin Avenue, easily the best Mets blog (not Metsblog) out there. Might as well debut with an AAOP. Here goes.

First off, we'll deal with the big question. We'll offer Jose Reyes 5 years and 90M. He passes and we move on. Some other team - my guess is the Angels - can pay 20 million per. I realize we are taking a massive PR hit with the fan base, but I cannot allocate that kind of cash to a player that has proven time and time again he can't stay on the field. My shortstop is Ruben Tejada.

Next up, I surprise the fan base and announce a major signing. We have agreed to an extension with David Wright for 6 years and 105M starting in 2014. We have agreed with Wright that we will explore shifting him to left field after the 2012 campaign. For now, he stays at 3B.

Tired of the malaise at second, I sign free agent Kelly Johnson for 2 years and 12M. I simply cannot rely on Reese Havens or Jordany Valdespin. I want production at the keystone with capable defense and Johnson brings that.

Lucas Duda and Ike Davis switch positions. Duda takes over at first base with Ike moving to right, where his hands and arm make him a capable right fielder.

Jason Bay goes nowhere, unfortunately.

Next up, I nontender both Angel Pagan and Mike Pelfrey.

In December, I trade Daniel Murphy to Colorado for center fielder Dexter Fowler.

At catcher, I stay with Thole but add a platoon mate in free agent Chris Snyder, for 1 year and 2M.

The relief corps is a major priority and over the winter I sign Jason Frasor (2 years, 6M), Javier Lopez (1 year, 1.5M) and Todd Coffey (1 year, 1.5M). Frasor becomes the new Mets closer. The three newcomers join Bobby Parnell, Daniel Herrera and Tim Byrdak.  DJ Carrasco is cut. (1.2M)

My bench includes Nick Evans, Josh Satin, Thole or Snyder and free agent signees Jack Wilson (1 year, 1M) and Brad Hawpe (1 year, 3M).

In the rotation, my mainstays include Dickey, Niese and Gee. I sign free agents Paul Maholm (1 year, 5M) and Rich Harden (1 year, 6M). Santana will be back, but we can't count on it, so we add two free agent starters.

After all this here's my 25-man.

I. Davis    .7M

L. Duda  .5M

D. Wright  15M

R. Tejada .5M

J. Bay   16M

D. Fowler .5M

K. Johnson  6M

J. Thole  .6M

C. Snyder  2M

J. Satin .4M

N. Evans .5M

J. Wilson  1M

B. Hawpe 3M

J. Santana  24 M

R. Dickey  4.25M

J. Niese .6M

D. Gee .4M

P. Maholm  5M

R. Harden  6M

J. Frasor   3M

T. Coffey   1.5M

B. Parnell  .5M

J. Lopez   1.5M

D. Herrera .4M

T. Byrdak  1M

DJ Carraso (cut) 1.2M


TOTAL 2012 PAYROLL:   $96,050,000

It's not a perfect team by any stretch, but it helps bridge the gap until contention. And Fred and Jeff are happy, because payroll was slashed by 35%.  Overall, we want to cut back on Mr. Met's visit with the shrink.



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