RBI & the Mets

Hi everyone, so I just want everyone to know that I took all of your advice since I last posted and am making an effort to right with proper spelling and grammar and all that, and also I learned about sabermagicians from watching moneyball (pretty good movie but not as good as my moneyballs, lol!) and from reading and I have learned a lot so I wanted to thank everyone for helping me and for being patient as catch up on the learning curve to you fine ladies and gents.  And I am anxious to learn more.  I am a sponge lol.

So I think the best article I red so far - and I am no proffessor, just a guy who likes baseball and actually WATCHES baseball unlike some of you sabermagicians. And I think the best article is the one on Mets Merised Online, and here is the article, and they prove some cool thinks, like RBI correlates more to runs scored than OBS.  This is a really important thing because sabermagicians use OBS as if it were the only number (HELLO - IT DOESNT EVEN COUNT FIELDING LOL!), but anyone who ever WATCHED a game know s that RBI are more important.  I mean, it is silly - what is more important to scoring a RUN than driving in a RUN!  HELLOOOOOO????

And they dont use stupid projections that never work, they use real data that happened..

Now more proof: what was the most RBI on the Mets last year?  66 from Beltran.  Im not saying it Beltrans fault, but really it is he shuld have more.  Ok, next most, 61 from Wright.  Than, Bay with 57.  Do I have to go on?  It stinks.

And what place did the Mets finish the Mets finished in 4th place.

The Phillies one.  Who had the most RBI?  Ryan Howard with 116.  And what place did the Phillies finish? 1st place.


And the Yankees?  Granderson had 118 RBI, Cano had 117 RBI and Texerai had 11 RBI.  What place? First place is where the Yankees finished.


So we have evidence and mathematics and sabermagics and we know where the problem is.  But I like to solv problems not just complain about them like whiny fans so here are my ideas.

Here are the top seven MLB players by RBI:


Alex Rodriguez

Manny Ramirez

Jim Thome

Chipper Jones

Vladimir Guerrero

Jason Giambi

Ivan Rodriguez


We should get them all.  SImple as that.  Trade Wright for ARod (3B), sign Manny (LF), sign Thome (DH), trade Ike David for Chipper (1B), sign Vlad (LF), sign Giambi (RF), sign IRod (C).


That may be a lot of money but will correlate to runs scored over career so much higher than the current team.  We just need to fund a pitching stat to correlate to offensive runs scored so we can get them pitchers as well.  I dont know, just thinking out loud. 


And haters dont need to post in comments ok.  I got tired of haters on my last post and I dont post garbage on all of your guys's posts too.



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