R.A. Dickey Lore

Let's make a Fan post full of the Lore R.A. Dickey has Accumulated over the years. This may be favorite R.A. dickey MS Paintz, stories, teachings from the Church of Dickey, or anything that shows how awesome he is. This will be a fun little thing i thought any one could want to do. Here i'll start us off. 

A chance to enlighten a fellow baseball fan on the pure awesomeness that is R.A. Dickey. It is not common knowledge but R.A. Dickey is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, All knowing all powerful, and is the sovereignty to our physical manifestation in this realm of existence, you see. You may ask "but he is not nearly as good at baseball than say, Roy Halladay. is he?" My answer to you would be, yes, yes he is. The Dickey chooses whether or not he shall pitch well on the holy day of Starting(a religious holiday held every fifth day, or more commonly seen as the day R.A. is starting a game to pitch.) At any point, Dickey could throw a Perfect game with ease, but he chooses not to. For reasons unknown, but top scholars at Amazin' Avenue are held to believe that he is simply a humble deity, in a sense that he does not seek all to follow him, but allow for those who seek enlightenment may realize his subtle teachings. In the Ten commandments as spoken by Dickey that was given to our prophet Sandy Alderson, "He who floaties by the balls, may knuckle their ways towards content..." It is a hot debate currently whether how one should decipher these messages accordingly, but i personally believe that it should be left to the reader to determine  for themselves in order to achieve happiness with one's life. The great church of dickey holds services on sunday games where people gather to learn from dickey, by all standing around a TV, drinking beer and watching Dickey pitch during the Mets game.

"Our faith in our team can see us through the most trying times in our lives and also lift up our spirits to the heavens in glorious play and honor..." ~ Concordat, 21:24. Dickey.


To explain in a more secular way, R.A. Dickey is just an overall like-able guy. He is very kind, friendly, family oriented, humorous, and a fan favorite. Type into google, "R.A. Dickey Face". That should be enough to convert a common non-believer. He also speaks very articulately, and is the type of guy that you listen to when he talks. He was an English major in college, and often expresses his passion for reading and writing; possibly in the future, may write a book when he "retires"(Dickey does not retire, for he is in a spiritual presence).

A final accolade i will share with you, is his assemblance to the great table of awseomness. Allow me to tell you a few of the members that are a part of that table. Chuck Norris is the Head chair of the table. Members include: R.A. Dickey, The Dos Equis Guy, Captain Morgan, Mr.T, Tony Plush, and Bruce Lee along, along with many other cool and inspirational people like Einstein or DaVinci.

Plus he is my favorite player so there's that.

Now go and add to the Lore!!! Have fun!!!


P.S. How would anyone feel about having an R.A. Dickey bobblehead day at Citi-Field. I'm friends with a certain sponsor of the Mets, and he is the one who choses who will be the bobble head given out that season. Believe me, i tried convincing him how Dickey was a fan favorite and should be bobble headed, and to my delight, he agreed with me, and said "that may be the best person to do, isn't it? How about having him hold a ball with the knuckleball formation?" i immediately agreed, i even said to have him make the face he does while pitching, but he laughed and thought the fans wouldn't like that. hopefully the bobbleheads will come true!

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