AAOP: just my opinin lol

so i have some good suggestions for the Mets next year and i hope you all like them bec i think this is a plan that can put us over the top and make us again world chmapions how great would that be

The mets now have this lineup:

1. ss robinson tejada (assuming reyes leaves which ill address)

2. cf angel pagan

3. 1b ike david

4. 3b david wright

5. lf jason bay

6. 2b david murphy

7. rf josh dude

8. c josh thole

p. iron mike pelfrey

closer: bobby parnell


ok is it a good team? no.  why? because they stink.  why else? because guess how many world series wins the team has between them?  i mean they have a closer who has never been on a winning team for a single year, and the yankes have marianbo who has like twelve or thirteen ws rings...  anyway how many combined rings do the mets have ?  none.  they dont have any?  no they dont have even a single one.


what about gamers? angel pagan is definitely a gamer.  he is always sliding, uniform always dirty.  he always gets into fights.  so they have one gamer.  anyone else?  no no one else.  david wright is david left sometimes and jason bay is jason ga... lol!!!!!!!!!!

maybe murphy is a gamer too but thats it.  a gamer is something that you can not even if you try measure with a ruler.  the 1986 mets had it.  lenny dykstra was a gamer and so was gibbons and niemann and of course ray night who was the best.  and the 200 mets had timo perez.  TIMO PEREZ! where is our timo perez?


so i red the rules and i have 110 million to spend.  here goes:

1. sign francisco cordero to a four year, 38 million contract.  cordero had 37 saves last year, and 40 the year before.  every year he has a ton of saves we need a guy like this guys we have no one who has any saves on our team.  we shouldnt overpay for closers so i dont want to spend 10 millon per year but under that is ok.  Going from someone like parnell who blows saves and has not guts to a proven closer should get us something like 10-20 extra wins right there.  a no braner.

2. trade for porcello who had 14 wins last year.  we can trade prospects - any too or thtree will do.

3. upgrade the ofense.  we can trade david wright for alfonso. soriano has 88 rbi (and 26 homers) - that was in only 475 at bats.  if we can get him for a lesser hitter like david wirght (61 rbi), we have to do it.  maybe throw in a scrub pitcher like nies. soriano won with the yankees and again since.  wright did nothing except watch beltran not swing at strike three. this is a move we have to make.  we can move bay to 2b and murphy to 3b to make room.

5. sign jose reyes and put him in cf.  citi field is too big for angel pagan and robinson tejada is a better ss anyway.  we can pay reyes 25 millon for ten years (250 total) and he can be our answer to nate mclouth on the hated braves.

6. trade fernando martinez and josh thole for buster posey.  the giants need offense so here thye get a top prospect for their of and a good hitting catcher.

7. trade dickey to the yankees for ivan nova.  8 wins for dickey.  need i say more?

8. sign raul ibanez for rf.  we need another legitimate rbi thret and he steals the phillies heart and soul.


new team:

1. reyes cf 

2. bay 2b

3. soriano lf

4. posey c

5. ibanez rf

6.  ike david 1b

7. pagan cf

8. murphy 3b

9. P: Porcello/Nova

Closer: Cordero

Other: fire terry collins and replace him with tony larussa.  la russa wins the world series all the time.

Other: replace Can None Guys Her with Michael Baron.  because we need more fotos and Guys Her never posts anyway.

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