AAOP trends, and why your ideas stink.

If you have been keeping track and reading through all the AAOPs that have been submitted so far, than I'm sure that you have also noticed quite a few recurring trends, anything from signing free agent X, or trading player Y, or non-tendering player Z.  This post is merely my opinion and analysis of such trends.

Sign Jonathon Broxton or Frank Francisco to be the closer: I understand that there's a limited budget, and these are potential cheap upside arms here, but if I wanted to hand the closer role over to someone with a live arm who I have absolutely no faith in to close the game out, then why do we need to sign anyone at all? We have Bobby Parnell.  And the rest of the bullpen has been too shaky to add more arms like these two.  PASS.

Sign Jose Reyes to a 6 year/$120MM contract (or any equally short sighted offer):  Look, I want Reyes to be a career Met as much as anyone here, but the idea of paying him near $20MM/year over too many years is just silly.  I'm not saying that we should lowball him, but we can't go more than 5 guaranteed years on this guy.  It isn't about sentimentality, it's about doing what is best for the team, and rolling the dice on a player whose value is tied to his speed and defense for six years... I'll make the Castillo comp.  Imagine that scenario with Reyes, should his legs continue to betray him much like Castillo's did. Difference is Reyes will be making three times the annual amount Castillo did.  Also note the fact that Castillo was only 34 last season, the same age Reyes will be in 5 years.

Sign Rick Ankiel as the 4th OF: This has been brought up enough times by other people, but it's true.  He's very comparable to Jason Pridie, except Ankiel stands to make a few million more elsewhere.

Non tender Angel Pagan and/or Mike Pelfrey: Look, if you want to get rid of them, that's fine, but why non-tender either player when you can bring each back on a one year deal, and explore trading them? I know neither player will net a single elite prospect, but both players do have value, and if you can get something for them, that's always better than nothing.

Trade David Wright: While I'm not fully opposed to this idea, I just think it's smarter to hold on to him for at least one more year.  Why?  If we trade him this year, he's a one year rental.  If we trade him next year, he's still a one year rental. I do believe that we can expect him to be fully healthy in 2012, and rebuild some more value, which should result in a better return next year, as opposed to trading him now.  

Sign Javier Vazquez: This is just wishful thinking.  He's going to retire.

Sign Aaron Cook: This one I don't get.  Especially when most of the time this signing pops up, he's a replacement for Pelfrey... who is the better option of the two.  

Sign Chris Young:  Even on a minor league deal, any money spent on him is money being wasted.  I'm fairly certain he's not going to pitch at all in 2012, or at least not until late 2012.

Any FA 2B signing:  We have more than enough options internally to compete for the 2B job, and I'd rather see any one of the kids get a good look than Kelly Johnson or Aaron Hill hitting shallow fly balls and weak rollers all the time.  I even saw Clint Barmes's name once.  Are you kidding?


I'm sure there are other nitpicks, but these are just a few off the top of my head.  Additions, comments, and your own opinions are welcome and encouraged.

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