Tsk Tsk Tsk, Ryan Braun Applesauce: Brewers Slugger Tests Positive for PED, Every Baseball Pundit Everywhere Wags Their Finger In Disgust, Dodgers Trying To Pry Daniel Murphy From Mets

Bob Costas just heard that Ryan Braun tested positive for a performance enhancing drug. Get ready to feel the wrath of Costas, Mr. Braun.

Meet the Mets & Around the Majors

According to beat writer Ken Gurnick, the Dodgers have an interest in Mets infielder Daniel Murphy and tried very hard to acquire him during the winter meetings. Don't worry, Ned Coletti. For the very low price of Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen, Tommy Lasorda, the rights to your mustache and the deed to Dodger Stadium, you can have the positional flexibility in Murphy that you so desire. Interested?

Apparently, the Mets inexplicably made a contract offer to SS Alex Gonzalez, who signed on with the Brewers on Thursday. All I can say is thank goodness that he took the Brewers' offer. I'd much rather have Ruben Tejada starting at shortstop.

Could Carlos Beltran be a comp to minor league outfielder Cesar Puello? Perhaps, as Puello's 2011 line at St. Lucie and Beltran's line at high A ball were quite similar.

I got a kick out of this: Bobby Valentine took part in a ridiculous Japanese music video and in it, he demonstrates that he's pretty awesome at ballroom dancing. Is there anything that guy can't do?

It was announced on Saturday night that Brewers OF Ryan Braun tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance and, barring the first successful PED appeal in MLB history, he'll be suspended 50 games at the start of 2012. Looks like it's time to cue the typical steroid moralizing from every corner of the media.

The Cardinals re-signed Rafael Furcal to a two-year, $14 million contract.

Finally, the Angels introduced their two big free agent prizes, Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson on Saturday. While those contracts most likely will turn into death spirals near the end (especially Pujols'), former Mets reliever and current Angels GM Jerry DiPoto did an excellent job throwing Arte Moreno's money around recruiting two of this offseasons' most prized free agents.

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