Sandy Alderson's thoughts and tidbits on the latest free agent signings and hot stove happenings

On Reyes' 6 yr/$106 million contract with the Marlins:

"Yea, we were willing to do 5 years for 90 million, but 6 years? No way, we're not stupid, everyone knows - Ya gotta watch out for that 6th's a doozy!"

On the Phillies decision to re-sign Jimmy Rollins to a $33 million/3 year deal:

"Pretty shocking that they stepped up to pay and keep their own homegrown All-Star shortstop and fan favorite. I mean really...don't they know Jack Wilson's out there? Suckers!

On Pujols 254 million contract with the Angels:

"Geez, they got that much money? What the hell are rally monkeys going for?"

On CJ Wilson's $77 million contract with the Angels:

"Holy sh-t! Imagine if his team had won the Series!"

On Chris Capuano's 2 year $10 million contract with the Dodgers:

"Yea he stayed healthy all last year and gave us 30 starts. But believe me, he's no Frank Francisco."

On his decision to give Frank Francisco a 2 year $12 million contract:

"Well, I looked at the Mets history, Mel Rojas, Armando Benitez, Luis Castillo. These Met fans need a new dark-skinned Dominican to hate and take the focus off of our front office...and well, that's just priceless"

On whether Ex-GM and front office superstar JP Ricciardi lobby to keep Jose Reyes?

"Not really, he said after BJ Ryan, AJ Burnett and Vernon Wells he was drawing the line at Jose Reyes. The buck stops at Reyes with JP! ...Oh and it did once before with Ted Lilly too, but we won't talk about that"

On his payroll management philosophy:

We're looking for flexibility. It is important to be flexible and have the ability to flex our payroll to its maximum flexibility while at the same time flexibly managing our flexibility. Basically, we don't want players tying up our payroll flexibility, we like our payroll flexible enough to not have to interfere with our ability to flex it.

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