Another Yankees Fan Reaction to the Loss of Reyes

Before I begin I just hope my words are met with non-bias Yankee fan hatred, as many who do know me on AA know that I have nothing but respect for Mets fans and what they are going through especially now. However, as a Yankee fan, I just felt the need to respond to this in regards to my perception of what you're going through and why you should be furious at what has transpired. This was originally going to be a response to the fanpost about someone's Yankee fan friend reacting to the Reyes situation, but it got so long that I decided to make my own fanpost instead.

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The truth is, I do understand what Mets fans have to go through. However, there should be NO pride in what they are going through right now. No solace. There should only be shame, disappointment and seething rage at what your organization has now become.

<blockquote>How easy to be a yankees fan when there is no competing market pressures from other ball clubs or an anxiety of losing a free agent. Unlike our beloved Mets, yankees fan have no genuine vested interest in the outcome of their team. For the most part, everything is handed to them on a silver platter.</blockquote>

He's absolutely right. It's easy to be a Yankee fan and a huge portion of our douchebag fanbase do not have any vested interest in the team. They joined up when the Yankees dynasty began in the late 90's. But there are those of us who went through the 80's and early 90's when they did not win, when all the front runners were nowhere to be seen. Having said that, there's a huge amount of relief and pride in knowing that I don't have to really go through the anxiety of losing a home grown superstar to free agency. It's honestly my favorite part about the Yankee's bajillions. I don't have to worry about a Robbie Cano attaining possible superstar status then have to worry if my team can afford him. Yeah, we overpay the Jeter's & hell even Mariano Rivera is paid more than what he's worth, but that's because #1. we can afford it and #2. they are beloved players in our happy little land and they bring fans to the game and sometimes that's worth rewarding.

Are you honestly trying to tell me that because we don't have to worry about stars going to free agency that it makes us less of fans? Or even more frightening, are you trying to tell me that the Mets should NOT be striving for that "elitist Yankee" status where they don't have to ever worry about losing a beloved star like Reyes? Cause that makes absolutely no fucking sense to me as a baseball fan. At all. Losing Jose Reyes is truly truly sad because it should not have happened. Even if he was overpaid, it should have been the Mets overpaying him because they were successful enough where they could afford it. That's the whole problem with all of this. Losing Reyes is just one more exclamation point on the essay that some baseball fan is writing on what has happened to this fine organization over the past 5-6 years.

Let me tell you what I saw from a Yankee fan perspective about 6 years ago. I saw a Mets team that reminded me of the Yankees of 94-95, a team getting ready to make an incredible run after so many years. They had incredible talent coming up and it looked like they were ready to build around them, similar to what the Yankees did. This was their time. I saw my friends actually hopeful for the future, after having to deal with Steve Phillips idiocy for so many years. And then what do I see? Moronic move after moronic move. Horrendous management & general management. And above all else, absolute incompetent & complacent ownership, and that's the true tragic word I have to use. Complacent. Say what you will about Steinbrenner, as he could be a douche more often than not, but he would not have tolerated that level of incompetence from his staff. Above all else, he wanted to win, because as a businessman he knew the wonderful formula that winning brings in fans, fans bring in money, money brings in winning. Meanwhile, your owners did nothing, laid back and allowed morons to destroy your chance to shine and instead give it to the Phillies.

I do not mean to be an ass, but I partially blame the Phillies success on the Wilpons as well because of their complacent dicktardedness. The reason the Yankees are in the place they are right now, the reason fans like me who dealt with mediocrity can now breathe a sigh of relief & joy is because they built off of the success of their dynasty. I'm not saying the Mets could have repeated what the Yankees did during that time, cause even I can't believe what they did during that time. However, all the Mets needed was one good year, one recent shining beacon to build off of and the Phillies took it from them when they built off of the success of the Mets historic collapse, a collapse that should not have happened, much less repeated. The Phillies built their recent success off of their incredible "comeback" and they are thriving because of being handed it by the Wilpon's complacency. Say what you will about Yankee fans being handed our peace of mind on a silver platter, but quite frankly some of us earned it a lot more than the Phillies fans EVER did. They were handed it.

<blockquote>What do yankees fans sacrifice? They are pampered, told they are special because of their legacy, and sit on their hands casually rooting for their team. That can't be a fan life worth living. No drama, little to no emotional effort. Sure some can be assholes and smack talk with a smug sense of pride, but it is hollow.</blockquote>

Like I said above, at least those of us who dealt with mediocrity earned the kind of franchise we have now. Yes, it is evil but the kind of success we have is what every team should strive to achieve. If you don't think I enjoy rooting for the Yankees because of the "lack of drama" then you are sorely mistaken.

<blockquote>Most mets fan I know have a deep connection. They have a heart, passion, and have genuine interest during the good times and bad. It is always a struggle yet we remain. At this site and reading the comments, I truly was glad to share the remorse of the loss of Reyes and know that as a community we will get through this and move on.</blockquote>

Let me let you in on a little secret: every team has the potential to attract the kind of douchebag fans the Yankees have. One day, when the Mets are indeed successful, see how your fanbase changes. Wait till you see the frontrunners come out in fucking droves, take up your seats at Citi Field and make those prices go up. If you need an example of this, look no further than the Red Sox Nation. The only positive, for me, that came out of the 2004 debacle is that they are now learning to deal with assholes & douchebag fans, fans who have no vested interest in the team, and fans who know absolutely nothing of what the true Red Sox fans had to deal with. They know nothing of failure, and only expect success. When the Mets are successful, those are the type of fans you can expect to see at Citi Field. Those fans not only will know nothing of what you true Mets fans have gone through and dealt with, but they will not care and they will only focus on the recent victories and your previous championship teams. You think the WFAN callers are bad now? Wait till the Mets win.

You should always take pride in your team, as they are your team and you have invested a huge portion of your time & effort into them. However, there should be absolutely no pride in your organization right now. There should only be great vengeance and fuuuuuuurious anger, for they have truly poisoned your beloved Mets. Jose Reyes is a fantastic player and he should have been celebrating the return of the Mets to NY prominence along with his fans down the Canyon of Heroes in November. The Mets should have then built off of that success and become a true beast to contend with. Now they are a small market team with ownership that makes Peter Angelos start to look a little better by comparison. Losing Reyes is not just a failure of management, but it's just another negative mark on the organization as a whole. What's so troubling is that the Mets are not just failing as a team, but they are failing as an organization and a business as a whole.

The Wilpons are the reason your team is laughed at and made fun of in the media and by douchebag Yankee fans, because they continuously pour gasoline onto the fire. What's truly scary is that your team can have success and they can still fuck it up, like they did. They finally made the right move in getting rid of Omar & Jerry and hired competent management. However, the WIlpons can still fuck it up, and judging by this and all the things that constantly continue to come out about their financial situation, they still are. I saw something tweeted today about how Sandy only has $10-$15 million to spend on outside talent this year. Considering where your team was 3-4 years ago, that's absolutely fucking insane. I'm not trying to be an ass here or rub salt in the eye but this is why your team is mocked, because unfortunately right now, it's a fucking joke. If none of this were going on, all the jokes in the world would mean nothing because your team would still be contending and successful. But it's not and almost all the blame in the world can be laid on the Wilpons for this cosmic Mets abortion going on right now.

I am truly sad for my friends right now who have been fans of the Mets as long as I've been a fan of the Yankees. I have no reason to be angry. They have even reason to see red at what has happened. The Mets should not have lost a player as beloved, as talented, and as exciting to watch as Jose Reyes. I mean no offense by this, but he was your Derek Jeter. He was that player who, even if he was not worth the huge contract he got, you would have been happy to give it to him cause of what he meant to your team and your team's history. Losing him is now also part of your history, but in the worst way. It is another exclamation point on the recent history of idiocy, complacency, and mediocrity that neither Reyes nor Mets fans deserved. Obviously you'll move on, you'll continue to root for your beloved Mets and find comfort and solace with other fantastic fans here on AA during this dark time. From a fellow baseball fan and a fan of the evil empire across the Triboro, I sincerely wish you all the best and adamantly hope that the Wilpons are eventually forced to sell this team to someone capable of making it a contender before you possibly lose another "Jose Reyes" type star in the future.

I am sorry for your loss and wish you nothing but the best.


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