Luis Hernandez, Really? Applesauce - Collins fed up with Met choices, apparently chooses Hernandez, MLB helps Met debt

The home run was cool and all, but, really?

Meet the Mets

An anonymous source has struck again today as the Post's Mike Puma reports that Terry Collins has tabbed Luis Hernandez as the Mets' starting second baseman. Color me doubtful. If Collins is so enthusiastic about Hernandez, why has he given significantly more at bats to all the other second base candidates this spring? This stat does back up Puma's point somewhat in that Collins has settled on Hernandez out of seeing all the other guys fail in their at bats. If true, and that's a big if, it's worrisome that Collins has players winning roles because they haven't been given the chance to fail.

As Madoff trustee Irving Picard increases the pressure on the Wilpons, MLB has helped the Mets in a significant way, prohibiting the re-sale of MLB team debt, thus protecting the Mets from being pressured by hedge funds who may buy the troubled debt from banks.

Ryota Igarashi's family is OK following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Fun with small sample sizes.

This is what YouTube was made for: Matt Harvey induces a ground out from Wilmer Flores.

Johan Santana may or may not be recovering on schedule, but one thing is for sure: he's on Twitter.

Ted Berg handicaps the Met bullpen race, giving Jason Isringhausen really good odds to make this team.

Even though I'd love to see Carlos Beltran patrolling right field to start the season, the disappointment from a Beltran DL stint would be significantly lessened by seeing Lucas Duda mash a few home runs from the position.

Sandy Alderson, J.P. Ricciardi, and Paul DePodesta talk about the band getting back together and how their roles have changed since the Oakland days.

Around MLB

The Phillies injury bug continues to spread, this time with closer Brad Lidge suffering a little arm soreness

Bill Hall is no fan of Cole Hamels, but probably uses an unfortunate phrase when describing him

Joe Maddon is excited about his team's hair possibilities for the season.

Sometimes, the suspension of a really young player allows him time to grow into his body and become a more impressive prospect. It also allows for a lot more money.

The Reds feel like they're getting no respect.

And there are two stories in your former Met news to pass along, one a lot more impressive than the other. First, and less impressively, Chris Woodward has snagged a minor league deal with Toronto. Second, David Newhan is trying to earn a spot on the Padres after a truly horrific surfing injury. It's more likely that he'll wind up coaching in the organization, but good luck anyway.

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