I'm a Die-Hard Yankee Fan, but Hear me Out

Yes, a post from a Yankee fan, which I know is the last thing you guys would want to see, especially with recent times, but I have a more interesting perspective than the stereotypical Yankee fan who would make you prefer seeing Al-Qaeda playing in the Bronx instead of the Yankees. I grew up in Delaware and southern Jersey my entire life, but my family reigns from NY, and I was raised to love the city and its sport teams. As a result, the crap I've had to endure from the Philthy fans has turned me against them to the point where any successful season stems from a Philly team losing.

Tough to be a NY Giants, NY Rangers, and Knicks fan down there to say the least, but at least I never had to worry about the Phils, being a Yankees fan. Well, then the Phillies decided to get good for once, and everyone down here decided that they knew everything about baseball and that they had this long-standing heritage of some sort. I was annoyed because I can't stand Philly, but I didn't mind too much because at least I wasn't a Met fan, right?

Well, our teams met up in the WS, and beating them was one of the sweetest victories ever, but as a result, they think there's some sort of a rivalry between us now. Plus, after bashing the Yankees for spending money all these years, they don't seem to see how what they've been doing is no different. They hate Yankee fans not because we can be cocky and we win and spend money, etc, etc; they think of us as almost an extension of the Mets, we come from the greatest city in the world, and for that, they display unsolicited hatred towards us all. They also just hate everyone, but to finally get to my point as I tend to ramble:

I recently talked to one of my Met fan friends, and I told him how awesome it would be if you guys somehow sabotaged the Phils' season. I said hey, I'd even become an honorary Mets fan if that happened. So, I figured that I'd join you guys on here every once in a while, still as a Yankee fan of course, but to join in to hopefully seek vengeance on some of your recent misery with the Phils. I don't pay too much attention to the national league anyway and could use a chance to see the other side. I have no true reason to root against your team because I don't really deal with the in-state rivalry, not even too much so when I'm at Rutgers, and I think it would be nice to see you guys get out of the dumps.

I can provide plenty of insight rather than just bashing Philly all the time, though I love to do so. I know how to hold my tongue as it bleeds blood, and I've had to with all the years down in Philly. By the end of the season, maybe you guys can convince me to root for the Mets a little, I'll be able to convince you why you should always choose the Yanks over the Phils, and the Philthy fans will drown in the cheesesteak grease of their own hubris.

I will admit though that I still wouldn't like the idea of the Mets doing well in the playoffs, but hey, I'm a hell of a lot better than the obnoxious Yankee fans you guys are used to.

Good luck to you guys this season.

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