Castillo Flips Applesauce - Castillo assures even worse Citi booing, joins Phils, Beltran may be ready for opener, Izzy leader for 8th inning

Meet the Mets

As Luis Castillo joins the Phillie organization, we may get a triple dose of good news today as the Mets are expected to release Oliver Perez this morning. Andy McCullough passes along some fan responses to Ollie's latest on-field disaster. Additionally, Castillo's departure has allowed Mookie Wilson to re-claim his old number, #1.

After watching the fan hatred of Castillo and Perez, Jeff Pearlman caught up with Doug Sisk, one of the few players to understand their plight. Turns out Sisk has learned how to boo too.

Carlos Beltran is starting to do some physical activity, like hitting and running. Terry Collins is optimistic that Beltran will be in the starting lineup on opening day.

In case you're masochist and want to spend half your morning reading a 100 page legal document, here's the Wilpons' response requesting to dismiss the Madoff victims' suit.

MLB has given the green light to two groups bidding on the Mets.

The Mets could not come to an agreement with Darryl Strawberry over having him return as a team ambassador. Straw would have joined Tom Seaver, John Franco, and Rusty Staub in the position.

Chris Capuano may have been a great signing for Sandy Alderson.

Jason Isringhausen heard a pop in his shoulder last week, but it turned out to be scar tissue doing something. Izzy has probably earned himself the 8th inning spot, somehow.

Around MLB

The Phillies second base spot is kind of a mess, especially if they're seriously giving Luis Castillo a shot at it.

Curt Schilling is trolling a little bit on Twitter, hyping up chemistry as the ultimate unquantifiable "stat" and calling Manny Ramirez a cheater. Still better than having him run for Senate.

Joe Posnanski talks about his experiences in his mother's basement.

The influence for the all-time great "Talkin' Softball" is getting a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Don't let Oliver Perez fool you, Scott Boras represents quite a few good players.

Mark McGwire is starting his second season as Cardinal hitting coach.

And, finally, Dave Cameron explains how some cliches have forced players into their current positions.

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