Dawn of a New Day Applesauce - Mets paying $19 million to players not on team, Yankees interested in Ollie

Yankee pinstripes next?


Meet the Mets

So, we don't have Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo to kick around anymore. That is probably a good thing and the way it was handled was professional and rational. Still, it's a sign of how bad previous regimes were when the Mets are paying $19 million this year to players to not play for them (the largest amount in MLB). And, it's probably a bad thing for at least one Mets blog.

Met players didn't want to kick Ollie while he was down and seem to wish him good luck. Perez already is garnering some interest from the Yankees.

Cory Vaughn has a sense of humor and a Twitter account and seems to think he'll be starting the year in Savannah.

Adam Rubin has a great story about how a steroid test probably saved Met prospect Emmanuel Garcia's life.

Fernando Martinez slugged two home runs in yesterday's Buffalo spring training game.

The Mets' motion to dismiss in the falling fan case was denied and it looks like the team is going to trial

Around MLB

The Phillies insist that Luis Castillo is only getting an audition for the second base job, even though it appears as though Chase Utley's knees may possibly sideline him for an extended amount of time. Looking into my crystal ball, if Castillo gets more than 200 ABs for the Phils, the Braves win the division. We'll see how "loyal" the Phils fans are if they manage to blow the division this year. (By the way, Met fans are ranked 23rd, tied with the Nationals on that ranking)

Chad Cordero is trying to make a comeback with the Toronto Blue Jays. This comeback may be even tougher than all those arm surgeries as he's trying to cope with the loss of his baby girl to SIDS.

Somehow, Tim Redding may earn a spot at the Dodger rotation. Speaking of former Met fifth starters, Nelson Figueroa beat out 20 year old prospect Jordan Lyles for a spot in the Houston rotation.

More legal nerdom for you: a copy of a basic MLB player's contract.

Rays manager Joe Maddon had an Oriole fan ejected from the game after hurling racist insults down on outfielder BJ Upton

Joe Posnanski wants both parties to somehow lose in the Barry Bonds trial.

And, finally, Bob Newhart imagines Abner Doubleday trying to sell his new game, baseball, to a game company.

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