A Quick Chat with Mets 2010 6th Rounder RHP Greg Peavey

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Listen in for a quick chat I recently had with the Mets 2010 sixth round selection, RHP Greg Peavey. The 22-year old Peavey had a strong junior season for the Beavers, posting a 3.64 ERA with only three homers allowed in 99 innings before the Mets drafted him 182nd overall in June. It was Peavey's third time being drafted. He and the Mets were able to come to terms on a contract about one hour before the 9pm, August 15th signing deadline.

Like many of the minor leaguers, Peavy wasn't overly talkative once the recorder came out but he did seem like a genuinely nice kid. We discussed his feelings around draft time, playing at Oregon State and his anticipation to get his pro career underway. Click 'Play' below to listen.

Read beyond the break for the transcript:

Rob: So you were drafted last year obviously, what was that like for you? What were the feelings around draft time?

Peavey: I was just anxious to see what was gonna happen. I was very excited. Growing up I watched the Mets quite a bit so I was very excited for the opportunity.


Rob: Unfortunately, you weren't quite able to get on the field last summer so obviously this is an anxioustime for you. The season's about to start, you're about to start your pro career, how's that feel? 

Peavey: It's feeling good. A lot of anticipation over the offseason; for four months I had to sit and think about it but now I'm getting the chance to do it and I'm just anxious.


Rob: Do you have any expectations as far as where you're going to be starting, goals that you're setting for yourself for the season, that sort of thing?

Peavey: Really the expectations are to just go out and do the best I can. Throw as well as I can and whatever happens, happens.


Rob: Now you're coming from Oregon State, a program that actually the Mets have picked from quite a bit in the last few years. Why don't you tell us about the program a little bit?

Peavey: Oregon State was a great organization to come through. A great college...university to play with. And now coming to the Mets organization, it's a classy bunch. I've just heard great things about it and I'm just excited to be a part of it.

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