Who's really running the Mets? Has MLB's intervention already begun?

I'm not by any means a conspiracy theorist, looking for evidence that big brother is watching all of us. He does however, and consider that the next time you think your all alone in the shower thinking about Baseball's favorite girlfriend Alyssa Milano or Mona from Who's the Boss for some of our older readers. Also, you should consider this:

2005-The Omar Minaya reign as GM begins with a bang. The signings of Carlos version 1 and Vote for Pedro "Makes the Brand" and the Mets play meaningful games in September for the first time in 5 years despite the fact that Carlos was largely ineffective.

2006-The world famous(particularly in Latin America)Los Mets take the baseball world by storm as possibly the most dominant Mets Team since the 1986 Edition.

2007-Although viewed as a failure, The team should have been in the postseason.

2008-See 2007.

2009-A rash of injuries leaves the team begging for mercy as the worst season I have ever experienced took place.

2010-The team won 9 more games than the previous season despite continued injury issues and Jason Bay's season to forget.

If you made it this far your probably wondering "who cares?" or "why are you ruining my good time in the shower?" The point is this. For all of the debate regarding who we would like to see run the Mets the truth may be that MLB is already handling it. Maybe as an Omar sympathizer this opinion is a little over the top, but for all the talk of Bud Selig "recommending" Sandy Alderson and the recent revelations regarding MLB loaning the financially strapped Mets 25 million and the fact that the Mets success is of critical importance to the league as a whole, it should at least be considered. Four "successful" years out of six generally won't cost a GM his job, especially one with a close relationship to ownership. Bud Selig had his finger on the pulse of the Mets pending financial disaster and intervened in a way that created an aura of positivity for a franchise looking to sell a product to a disheartened fan base. The Mets will have to slash payroll significantly in the coming years and the "Moneyball" crew may be the only hope for success and the strongest selling point for potential new investors/ownership. Bud Selig knows this and I believe that's why he may have made this decision for the Mets.

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