A Quick Chat with Nick Evans

PORT ST. LUCIE FL - FEBRUARY 24: RY 24: Nick Evans #6 of the New York Mets poses for a portrait during the New York Mets Photo Day on February 24 2011 at Digital Domain Park in Port St. Lucie Florida. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Strangest thing happened to me last night: I dreamt that I had a conversation with Whoopi Goldberg, but it wasn't Whoopi Goldberg. It was as if her body had been possessed by some sort of apparition -- a phantasm if you will --who was apparently in limbo thanks to all of his options being used up unwisely. Then I woke up and found this audio file on my computer. Freakin weird.

Ok now that I've gotten that out of my system, listen in for a quick chat I had with Nick Evans. That's right, I saw him with my own two eyes...eating a peanut butter sandwich no less! (Ted won't be impressed) Ok, I'm done now. So we covered his take on the new and improved camp, his feelings about staying with the Mets, his increasingly versatile defense and more. Click the 'Play' button below to listen.


Click past the break for a transcript of our imaginary chat.

Rob: We're just coming off the first spring training game this season, you played 9...10 innings, how'd you feel?

Evans: I feel good, it feels nice to get back out there, get things going.


Rob: And in general, how's camp been so far?

Evans: It's been real good. Real positive attitude around here and everyone's excited for the season.


Rob: I kind of wanted to hit on that, how would you distinguish this year's camp from camps in the past?

Evans: I mean all camps, when you get to spring training, are good, everyone's positive all the time. But this one really has a good attitude about it. Like I said everbody's real positive, everybody's looking forward to the season.


Rob: Allright well I wanted to talk about your situation specifically. Obviously, you're out of options (so) this is a big camp for you. Is that changing your mindset at all as you're coming in, how are you feeling about that?

Evans: No, it doesn't change my mindset. I just come every day and try to perform the best that I can. I'm not worried about options or anything that I can't control.


Rob: Kind of looking at that side of the game, does it surprise you to see...or hear that other than Wright and Reyes you're the longest-tenured Met (on the 40-man roster) as far as when you first joined as a draftee?

Evans: Really? I didn't even know that until right now, that's interesting. I mean I've been with this organization my whole career, I really like it here.


Rob: Say something does happen where you end up leaving the organization, is that something you're looking forward to? I think I've heard you say that you're gonna treat this camp like a tryout for all 30 teams; is that the way you're going about it?

Evans: Well I mean this is definitely a first-class organization. Coming up through the organization I'd love to stay here but that's just something that's not in my control. So you know, if I do end up going somewhere else, that's fine. But obviously I'd like to be a Met.


Rob:  I wanted to hit on your defensive game a little bit. Obviously you've played all over the field, you're starting to hone in on first base now. You played a lot of first for Buffalo last year. Where do you feel most comfortable defensively?

Evans: I've probably played the most games in my career at first base so I probably feel most comfortable there. But I try to get a lot of work in at all oif them so I feel better at all of them.


Rob: Looking forward to 2011, do you have any goals or expectations you're setting for yourself?

Evans: I just want to have a good year. I just want to go out there every day and get better and try to build on last year, try to have a good year.

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