This Week in Mets Quotes

Obviously where Perez got his attitude #blamebeltran

"Going and playing in the minor leagues it’s boring, honestly." Beltran via

But what if they break up

" ‘I like Ike.’ That’s going to be my next tattoo." Reyes via the Star-Ledger

That is why you fail

"In this town, you cannot go two years without being a contender."  Omar via nyt

He proceeded to tell Luis Hernandez he was his starting second basemen

"I told Carlos (Beltran) today, if you want to look at the Opening Day lineup, let me know because I've got it in my drawer, and your name is on it hitting fourth."  Terry Collins, in mid-March,

Well I’m glad Omar learned from his experience

"Look, obviously, Luis Castillo and Ollie Perez didn’t work out, but I can’t tell you in retrospect I wouldn’t have done it."  Omar via nyt

So if the Mets win, give credit where it’s due

"I’m a glass-half-full guy.  I’m attached to those guys. I may be wrong, but I think they’re capable of contending. On opening day they might have seven home-grown players in the starting lineup." Omar via nyt

He continued, I’m happy with my jersey, happy with sun, happy with sky

"I’m happy with my stuff, happy with my mechanics, happy with my health." Young via

Quotes of the Week

Chris Rock on David Letterman

"I'm a Met fan.  I appreciate the Yankees. Don't get me wrong. But, you know, they've got all the money. It's like rooting for Steve Jobs to hit the Lotto or something."

"My team's broke, Dave. Some teams don't have a cleanup hitter. Some teams don't have a closer, or a good pitcher. My team has no money, Dave."

"Do you have season tickets?" Letterman

"Dave ... they don't have tickets no more, Dave," Rock

"Really? No more tickets?" Letterman

"No more tickets. Tickets cost money. They're on paper. They have no paper, Dave. ... A dog licks your hand, and you show the spit, and they let you in.  This year, second base is a manhole cover, Dave.  For the whole year. The whole year. Between every inning, they use the other teams' gloves…No catcher's mask this year. They just get an ugly guy already.  The Yankees have got bat day. The Mets have got bring a bat day. 'Here you go Jose Reyes. My daddy gave me this for Christmas.' Maybe you can use this." Rock

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