10 Games into the Season: The Good, The Bad, and The Hopeful

Well, the 2011 Mets baseball season is only 10 incredibly frustrating (for the most part) games old, and there has been a lot that we fans have had to complain about.  But when we look a little closer at the stats, it seems as if there actually is some hope for this year yet.  More after the jump.


There has been a lot to be frustrated with this year (ahem) Bullpen (ahem), but there has actually been many good things for the Mets this year.


Jose Reyes- .5 WAR, 8.5 K%, 128 OPS+, does have an unsustainable .372 BABIP

David Wright- .5 WAR, 151 OPS+, .225 ISO, does have an unsustainable .407 BABIP

Ike Davis- .4 WAR, 167 OPS+, 11 RBI, .80 WPA, .216 ISO, does have an unsustainable .414 BABIP

Carlos Beltran- .2 WAR, 123 OPS+, .300 ISO (not a typo)


St. Chris Young- .4 WAR, 268 ERA+, 8.76 K/9, He hits, does have an unsustainable .197 BABIP.

Jonathan Niese- .4 WAR, 3.18 xFIP, 2:10 BB:K Ratio

Fransisco (that's fun to say) Rodriguez- 0 WAR (hasn't cost us anything yet!), 12.27 K/9, 3.57 FIP




David Wright- 30 K%, unsustainable .407 BABIP

Willie Harris- 37 K%, unsustainable .438 BABIP

Scott Hairston- -.2 WAR, 53.3 K%, -30 OPS+

Josh Thole- -.1 WAR, .034 ISO (that's poor), 24.1 K%, unsustainable .364 BABIP, -2.0 FLD (in only 71 Innings at Catcher)


Ryota (Toyota Irrigation) Igarashi- -.1 WAR (in .2 IP), 9.35 xFIP

Blaine Boyer (DFA)- -.3 WAR, 7.52 FIP (4.90 xFIP), 1.3 K/9




Angel Pagan- unsustainably low .171 BABIP, 13 BB%, 7.7 K%, .1 WAR (even while playing poorly)

Carlos Beltran- unsustainably low .217 BABIP

Brad Emaus- unsustainably low .222 BABIP, 10.7 BB%


Jason Isringhausen- SSSS, but did hit 92 on the radar gun Monday night

Tim Byrdak- unsustainable .455 BABIP, 13.5 K/9, 3.04 xFIP

Bobby Parnell- unsustainable .417 BABIP, 14.54 K/9, 3.27 xFIP

Mike Pelfrey- unsustainable .348 BABIP, 43.5 GB%

Blaine Boyer- He's gone


Looking at all these stats, it looks like as soon as the BABIP gods straighten everything out, the bullpen will improve and Pagan and Emaus will actually start hitting. Hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later and the Mets can play some decent, watchable baseball.  Until then, the Mets need to focus on doing the small things well on offense (e.g. someone other than Ike or Dubs getting the man in from third with less than two outs) and actually throwing strikes (something foreign to a Dan Warthen pitching staff).


My thanks to Fangraphs and Baseball-Reference for the stats.


In an unrelated note: Watch Emaus and Endy on SNY then stay tuned for Ivan Rodriguez: Professional Hitter.

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