Our First Win In A While Analysis


First of all, I just want to say, I told you so. Dillon Gee’s mom and I were so right! I’d tell you guys to jump on the bandwagon, but I don’t want you! (Or rather Mrs. Gee doesn’t feel like making cookies for all of you).

In other news, my analysis:

Dillon Gee’s line was pretty sexy; 5 2/3 innings (so close to a quality start), 4 Ks, 2BB, only 1 ER. He faced five batters that got him to a 3 ball count (3-0, 3-1, 3-2). He, obviously, walked 2 in these counts (both to Eric Hinske), but otherwise didn’t let anyone get on base in 3-ball counts. He worked back from a 3-0 count against Prado in the first and two 3-1 counts against Dan Uggla and Freddie Freeman in the third and fourth innings, respectively. He also successfully controlled Atlanta’s top hitters (McCann, Uggla, and Heyward), allowing them each only one hit in their 3 ABs against Dillon, including a three pitch strikeout to McCann in the first. Of those three hitters, only one (Uggla) scored against Gee and none of them had an RBI. Not bad for a 24 year old kid with peripherals that apparently, somebody doesn’t think are good enough. Anyway, when/if Chris Young (you never know :P) comes back, I think they should keep Gee in the rotation, as long as he continues his general awesomeness, and move Capuano to the bullpen.

Josh Thole. Second Baseman. Well, he’s better than some of the other guys we’ve thrown out there before. In all seriousness, though, I like him in the two spot, at least until Pagan is back to normal. It worked yesterday for Josh and the Mets. He was 2-4 with 2 RBIs and a run scored, so he was directly involved with all of the Mets runs yesterday. The 2 RBIs were both knocking Reyes in, so the Reyes-Thole one-two punch is working well.

Something else to consider with the lineup, once Pagan is hot, we move him back to the two spot and then have Willie Harris…in the 9th spot. We’d be pulling a Cardinals a La Russa, but for different reasons. The Cardinals do it (or did it) so Albert could get more ABs and be a theoretical clean-up hitter in the late innings. Willie Harris is basically another leadoff hitter, though, so we put him in the 9 spot, then we have he, Reyes, and Pagan, all guys who can get on and around the bases followed by Wright, Beltran and Ike. The back end of the order we’d have Thole sixth, Murph/Emaus (more on this later), and then the pitcher. Bay is supposed to be back soon, but perhaps this lineup could be used on Beltran/Bay off days. Just a thought.

Bullpen management was hot yesterday. After two consecutive double headers and poor starting pitching Collins knew his bullpen was thin, but he also knew that he needed a win. So he said, fuck this, and went grabbed his two better starters (so far) and told them that they were pitching relief today. Or something along those lines. Also Dickey and Capuano needed to throw a bullpen session anyway, so yeah. Isranghausen was shaky at first, but got through his inning with two Ks and a pick-off. I like that. It shows that he’s not going to fall apart after a few bad pitches. K-rod had to make things exciting, of course, but got the save. I’m fine with him ending games as long as he doesn’t blow a lead and they’re save situations, otherwise I’d prefer if he didn’t enter to end the game unless we absolutely needed him.

Hey there buddy, you okay? Shh…shh. It’s okay. I’m here to help David. Come on, don’t be shy. David, we care about you. You struck out three times yesterday. You went 0-4. We’re worried. Its starting to become a problem. Look if you’re going to hit forty homeruns and have 120 RBIs, than K as much as you want, but right now, you’re on pace to have only 20 HRs and only 81 RBIs. That’s just embarrassing. You’re embarrassing yourself David. You strikeout (19 for 63) more than you hit (16 for 63). You’ve only had four games this year, in which, you haven’t struck out. But don’t worry, David! I know what to do, or rather what you must do. You must learn to hit with a 2 strikes. A novel concept, I know. But if you don’t hit with 2 strikes, you end up striking out a lot of the time. In fact, when you don’t hit with 2 strikes you get out 100% more of the time then you do if you do hit with 2 strikes. Think about.

On one hand we have a hammer. On the other hand we have a 100 pound bird-monk who has sworn off violence and refuses to hit anyone of anything. Which one would you rather have in a fight? I’d choose the Hammer. Stat wise, the Hammer wins too. 7 for 34 compared to the Bird’s 6 for 42. Also the Hammer’s 4 RBIs and 4 XBH are much better than the silly Bird’s 1 RBI and 0 XBH. Defensively, the two are about equal even though, supposedly, the hammer can’t field for shit. Apparently not. What do you think Mr. Collins?

Mr. Alderson. You’ve done good. Somewhat. But you made a mistake with a certain Scott Hariston. Sure, he hit a few HRs in an intra-squad game. And there was that one HR in the 9th inning rally that fell short, but he’s 5 for 26 and has struck out 10 times. 10 times in 26 ABs! I know you signed him to a major league contract and all, but please, please(!) don’t be an Omar. Don’t try and cover up a mistake by letting him stay on the roster. Look, I know I guy. He just had a 3 RBI game with Buffalo. Did pretty good in spring training. Why don’t you give him a try? Call him up.

His name is Nick Evans.



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