Its the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine

The 2011 Mets don't seem like a very good team. It pains me to say it. I try to be very optimistic and I'm far from being in an "all hope is lost" mindset. Jason Bay and Ronny Paulino are on their way to solidify the lineup, but pitching is the obvious problem. Pelfrey is done. I see Sandy Alderson unloading him in a trade VERY soon, before he ends up another John Maine. There is still too much of the old Mets lingering around and leaving a bad taste in the Mets metaphorical mouth.

I think Alderson and Co. made a strong effort to make the 2011 Mets as competitive as they could, with the resources provided to them. Obviously, no one was in a "win now" mindset before the season- Alderson's contract is not comparable to Jason Bay's- he wasn't signed as another ill-fated attempt at fixing things by adding another expensive piece. Alderson is here to make the Mets a team again. They have become a disillusioned, disorganized mess. Its painful to see after what went on in 2006. From 2007-Present, that 2006 team has declined, disbanded and been covered in band-aids (aka bad contracts).

Alderson is going to clean house this Summer. This is just my opinion, based on the very short period of time that he has run the team and I've observed him, but I see the following moves going down this Summer...

Pelfrey is gone. Don't ask me for what in return, but I'm pretty damn sure Alderson see's no reason to keep him around. He is too mentally effected by the past few seasons to pitch well in New York anymore. Pelfrey needs a fresh start somewhere else.

KRod is a tougher sell, but I think Alderson would convince ownership to eat a very large portion of his 2011 salary, to move him in a trade long before his option has a chance of vesting. I don't think it will be an EASY trade to make, but I think Sandy probably see's this as something he would certainly like to try to accomplish.

The only people in the Rotation/Bullpen that I see being here after 2011 are  Johan, Beato, Buchholz, Dickey, Gee, Niese and maybe Parnell, but I could see them unloading Parnell as well.

Emaus's days are numbered. He won't be around for much longer. I'm sure the Mets would be happy to keep him in their minor league system, but they probably won't have much trouble giving him back to Toronto. I understand why they picked up Hu, because Emaus and Murphy were big risks-- defensively, but he seems meaningless after this season. I have a strong feeling Murphy will be our starting second basemen for much of the 2011 season. He will probably be given a lot of opportunity to win that job, for the long term, during the 2011 season. Barring a big trade that brings in a "superstar" caliber player, I see no real reason to bring in another second basemen via trade this year, assuming contending remains a pipe dream. The job will end up being Murphy's job to lose... or win, long term.

Reyes is getting a contract extension and I bet my weight in gold it ends up being more "team friendly" than most people expect him to sign for. David Wright will die a Met. (footnote: David Wright will also die striking out.)

It's going to be very sad to see him go, but Beltran will probably be traded to the American League this summer. Matthew Cerone often says that he thinks Carlos is underrated by Mets fans-- and I agree. He may have missed a lot of time due to injury over the past few years, but thats the price you pay when you sign a long term contract- a long term contract to a player that you build a team around. (See: 2006 Mets)

Forget Nick Evans, Who is Scott Hairston? Please go away, sir. I like Willie Harris, but he is no long term solution- not even as a 4th outfielder. Bay stays, obviously. Pagan probably stays. I think his season will turn around once the front office tells Terry Collins to stop playing musical chairs with Pagan's spot in the batting order. He hits 2nd, not 5th or 6th. C'mon, Terry. Why not just move Reyes to the 3rd spot again? Anyway, Pagan probably stays.

At this point, if I haven't mentioned you, sorry, you probably don't matter to the future of the Mets. Ah, except of course for Ike Davis. What will happen to Ike? He seems like a "moneyball" player, but lets keep in mind, this isn't the Oakland A's, this is the New York Mets. The payroll may drop, but its not going anywhere under $100 million anytime soon. I repeat, this is New York! Ike is a great, young, cheap and powerful player. He has potential to be an RBI machine and shows power, even in the enormous Citi Field. Sounds like he might actually be a good fit FOR Oakland. And they do have all of that wonderful pitching. And Sandy's old friend, Billy Beane. Hmm. I just don't know. This is the toughest call. Does Sandy keep Ike for the future or send him packing?

So what does everyone think? What potential trades/extensions does everyone see going down this summer? 

You can also check out my bands cover of the song, which inspired this fanpost.

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