Jose: Stats, a Story, and a bit of Persuasion

8th RBIs 327

7th HRs 67

6th Hits 979

1st SB 299

5th wOBA .344

4th WAR 22.9

3rd Fld 10.1

5th Runs 554

5th Singles 672

12th BB% 7.3

6th K% 11.7

11th BABIP .307

8th AVG .286

11th OBP .339

7th SLG .437

9th 2B 163

9th BB 272

3rd IBB 32 (Intimidation much?)

8th SO 401

2nd GIDP 38

7th BB/K 0.68

4th wRC+ 109

7th OPS .776

1st Spd 8.5

These are Jose Reyes rankings among shortstops in most of the major stats over his 5 full seasons (2005-2010). If you average those rankings together, you get the 6.1 best shortstop in the game. Over his career, Jose Reyes has been the 6th best shortstop in the MLB. The 6th best! And we're trading him away, why?

So among shortstops from 2005-2010, Jose has been the 6th best. Did I mention that? I assume I did, so lets continue. Jose has also been 2nd in SB in the major leagues behind only Juan Pierre, but only by 18 steals, and it took Juan 108 more games to beat Jose. Triples, is another category Jose dominates, 1st in the entire MLB over his career. He was also 1st in Spd with 8.5. Basically, Jose is the fastest, most effective motherfucker in the league, on the bases.

Even last year, an injury delayed season, Jose was 2nd in steals (30), 4th in AVG (.282), 10th in OBP (.321), 7th in SLG (.428), 5th in OPS (.749) 8th in Hits (159), 7th in 1B (109), 9th in 2Bs (29), 2nd in 3Bs (10), 6th in runs (83), 13th in RBIs (54), 16th in BB% (5.1%), 3rd in K% (11.2%), 13th in BB/K (0.49), 4th in wRC+ (104), 8th in BABIP (.301), 1st in Spd (7.6), 14th in BBs (31), 4th in IBBs (4), 4th in SOs (63), 5th in GIDP (8), 8th in WAR (2.8), 17th in Fld (-5.0), and 4th wOBA (.329) among shortstops. Average those together, and Jose was the 7th best shortstop in the major leagues last year. In an injury-delayed season, Jose was the 7th best shortstop in the league. Not bad.

You've got the stats, but there's something else. Jose and the Mets. They've got chemistry. Now I know, a lot here, think that talent is the most important part of the sport, and it is, but chemistries important too. If you hate your teamates You've seen the numbers: The Mets win more with Jose then they do without. Thursday's game was Jose and Dub's 800th game started together. Those two men, I believe, are best friends baseball has. Wright has consistently been knocking in Jose their entire careers. On Thursday, after Wrights 0-fer breaking home run, who was the first to congratulate Wright in the dugout? Jose. They hugged. And not the normal double tap on the back hug. No, this was am embrace. At least two seconds long (the legal limit for a bro-hug is three seconds). I believe Jose was as happy as David was when David broke out of his slump. Jose+David=winning

Look this is the most poorly written crap ever written. Probably. I'm half distracted by the Knicks sucking and K-rod vesting, but I want Jose to stay. Some don't. Jose's good. We need him. But if the fans don't want him, then the Wilpons don't want him. Then we don't get him. He owns more Mets records than F-Mart has MLB appearances. If we must trade away, trade everyone but Wright, Ike, and this man. Maybe Pagan. We talk about rebuilding, but this is the man we should be rebuilding around. Please, when you go to games, cheer for Jose. Even if there is only ten people in the park, you need to sound like 10,000. Otherwise, the Wilpons won't want to give the money to resign him. And one of the most exciting players in the game will be gone. So cheer. Cheer, do your part, and Jose will do the rest.

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