This Week in Mets Quotes

Jason Bay = Bizarro Beltran

“Obviously having Jason Bay back—to pull these guys together is one of the best things that could happen.  I think his presence in the clubhouse, in the dugout, and on the field is a big factor.”  Collins via

Dickey eloquently sums up the season thus far

“ We have to find a way to be honest with ourselves about what kind of team we are. We can’t just keep telling ourselves, ‘Oh, we’re a better team than this.’ We may not be. And we’ve got to be honest about that, and identify what we’re doing wrong, and do it better. That’s the only way you have any real growth”  Dickey via metsblog

Great but can you sum up the season in two words

“It's exasperating."  Dickey via espnny

It’s a new low when we’re getting pity from the Astros

“These guys battled today.  That’s still a good ballclub over there and they went deep in the counts but give a lot of credit to our team.”  Norris via

Weird, so roster decision aren’t made by the manager

“I gotta answer this politically correct because I wanted [Bay] four days ago.  But history, experience of people, the medical staff that have dealt with this injury in the past have said, this is the process that needs to take place, and that’s what we did.”  Collins on Bay being a different animal via espnny

As well as no matter whose cleats and suit you’re wearing

“It’s the same game out there, no matter what glove you’ve got.” Gee whose baggage was lost and had to wear Parnell’s glove as well as Thole’s cleats and suit via espnny

Frenchy says you should’ve flown Delta

"I don’t want to throw them under the bus, but I still don't have it."  Gee on his baggage via espnny

Jason Bay doesn’t want to be ‘that guy’

“I feel like I’m better than that guy” Bay speaking of 2010 Jason Bay via espnny

But now what to do you call them

“We used to call that an error of enthusiasm.”  Collins on Murphy’s attempted steal of third via


“What the fuck are you doing?” Collins shouted, according to a person who’d been made aware of the exchange on Murphy via espnny

The 2011 Mets: Making Dreams Come True (for MiLB lifers)

“I’m about to touch second base and I’m like, ‘Man, I can’t even believe this is happening,’” Nickeas said. “It was a really cool moment for me. … For me, and where I’ve been throughout my career, it’s kind of one of those things like, ‘Is this going to happen for me?’ When that happened, it was just an amazing feeling.”  Nickeas on his first career HR via espnny

You’re move ‘Pelfrey is nuts’ camp

“My thing is, any time that gets brought up, the misperception is, ‘This guy’s a head case’ or, ‘There’s something wrong with him.  I know that two guys that Harvey talked to were Greg Maddux and Roy Halladay. There’s not anybody in baseball -- that knows baseball -- that can say those guys are head cases.”  Pelfrey via espnny

I lobby Tim McNab for head trainer

"He was like, dude, you look horrible, stop throwing." Tim McNab

In 2009, at Triple-A Buffalo, Gee tried to pitch with searing pain in his right shoulder, and gritted his teeth through nine starts for the Bisons. Ultimately, Gee didn't need a doctor to tell him he was in bad shape. It was his Buffalo teammate Tim McNab who made the snap diagnosis while the two played catch before a game.  David Lennon via newsday

Good one Josh

"Can I get in that suit with you?" Thole on Gee’s oversized suit via espnny

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

“Yes Beltran has been the only good thing about the 2011 METS. My concern is, all his hits and HR’s have NOT produced a single win :{ I think of Belltran as A-Rod, he gets alot of hit and HR’s, but, not in the clutch, or, when the really matter. I hits 5 solo HR;s in one game, and the METS are down 2-11. who really cares? We need him to keep up this level, and, help get this team some wins. The same thing for Reyes, if he steals 100 bases and we still loose, what good is it? The team has to click as a team, they win as a team or loose as a team.” PiazzaHOF

AA Quote of the Week

“So he should play badly in losses and play well only if the team is going to win the game?” HotChipWillBreakYourLegs

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