What do the Twins have to show from the Johan Trade?

What do the Twins have to show from the Johan Santana trade?

Recent discussions on AmazinAvenue prompted me to take a look at Omar Minaya’s transactions as General Manager.  He had his ups and down, mostly downs, but most Mets fans can agree that acquiring Johan Santana was one of his better moves.  As Johan Santana sits on the shelf for the New York Mets, it is interesting to wonder what exactly the Twins have to show from the trade.  Look around the league:  From the Roy Halladay trade, the Blue Jays have a potential ace in Kyle Drabek in the #2 spot and OF Michael Taylor shooting through the minor leagues.  The Mariners pulled in 1B Justin Smoak, Rangers #1 Pick RHP Blake Beaven, and two others from the Cliff Lee deal.  The Brew Crew surrendered a heavy load of young talent in RHP Jake Odorizzi, CF Lorenzo Cain, RHP Jeremy Jeffries, and starting SS Alcides Escobar for Zack Greinke.  But what do the Twins have from Johan?

Publically available on Baseball-Reference, you can see that on February 3, 2008, the Mets received Johan Santana and his $13MM contract for Deolis Guerra, Carlos Gomez, Philip Humber, and Kevin Mulvey… under the condition the Mets extend Johan’s contract to an acceptable market rate.  With 3 years and $72MM left on his contract (and a possible player option for a 4th year worth $25MM), Johan Santana is not pitching and rather recovering from a career-altering surgery.  So let’s take a look at where each of these former Mets are in the MLB:

Deolis Guerra pitches for the Twins’ AA affiliate, the New Britain Rock Cats.  Keep in mind he’s only 21 years old and still could develop into something substantial, although most reports of the Twins organization do not rank him highly on the prospect list.  I wouldn’t count Guerra out completely, but as of now he’s not much of a showing for trading an ace.

Carlos Gomez played two years of CF for the Twins before being traded at the end of the 2009 season for J.J. Hardy of the Brewers.  His successful defense and baserunning was often negated by his horrid bat and is now Dale Sveum’s project over in Milwaukee.   J.J. Hardy yielded more value for the Twins last year than Gomez did in his two-year stint with the club.  Hardy was granted free agency as a Type-B Free Agent and signed with the Orioles for 2011.  The Twins receive a supplementary pick for him.

28-year-old (wow, really, already?) Philip Humber produced nothing for the Twins in his two years with the club.  Appearing in only 13 games, all in relief, his xFIP for 2008 and 2009 were 5.12 and 5.26 respectively – totally a total of 20.2 IP.  He was then granted free agency for the 2010 season and signed with Kansas City Royals.  In Kansas City, he pitched marginally better, even getting a start in his 8 games, pitching 21.2 IP and holding an xFIP of 4.17:  a grand total of 0.4 WAR.  The A’s claimed him off of waivers before this season, and 32 days later, the White Sox claimed him off of waivers.  He’s pitched in 2 innings this year for the White Sox, giving up 2 earned runs.  For those who aren’t Math Majors, he holds a 9.00 ERA.

Last but not least, Kevin Mulvey.  Mulvey got his shot in the big leagues for the Twins in 2009, pitching in all of two games before being sent as a “player to be named later” in a deal for Jon Rauch.  Since, he’s pitched a total of 8 games (4 started) and 26.0 IP.  He’s winless at 0-3.

So the Twins, today, have Deolis Guerra in AA, and two supplemental picks in this year’s draft from Jon Rauch’s and JJ Hardy's Type-B status to show from the Johan Santana trade.  And the Mets have, well, Johan Santana, who many argue wasted his best years with a diseased ballclub.  We all hope Johan comes back in great shape and gives us $72MM of continued success.

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