This Week in Mets Quotes

Probably smiling about his next contract #blamebeltran

"I was always wondering, 'How's it feel for those players to get three homers in a game? It feels great. ... Being able to [do] something like this, I feel like a little kid, honestly. I was smiling. I never smile a lot, but I was smiling. I was happy." Beltran via espnny

Beltran = Badass

"Before the at-bat, we [Beltran and Harris] were both down by the bat rack.  And he said, 'It's going to be some revenge on this guy.' And I'm like, 'What are you talking about?' He explained it to me that [Tuesday] night the guy [Lindstrom] struck him out on three pitches."  Harris via espn

Harris continues to (justifiably) ride Beltran’s jock

"He was sitting slider and [Lindstrom] threw it. That's why he's El Caballo. That's why he is who he is. That was some revenge. I mean, a slider down and out like that. Not many people can do that."  Harris via espn

Wright joins in

"He was a one-man wrecking crew today.  That’s a monster day."  Wright via

As does TC

"To hit a home run to all fields, from both sides, I’ve never seen anything like it," Collins via

Your slider is my milkshake

"If [Lindstrom] would have thrown me a fastball, I probably would have struck out, because I was looking for that pitch."  Beltran via espn

Let’s Rashomon Pelfrey’s first hit of the season

"Fastball down the middle just to get ahead and he ambushed me." Hammel via

"It’s got to be a better pitch than that." Hammel via

"But the double by him really I think is one of those plays where momentum really swings the other direction. You’re not expecting the pitcher to put a double in the gap, let alone two RBIs in a big situation."  Tulowitzki via

 "I’m terrible at the plate.  I went up there and I thought, ‘Hey, I’m going to swing at the first pitch. I thought I might pull the ball (foul) but it was up and I couldn’t get around in time and luckily it found a gap."  Pelfrey via

Traid Reyass

"My baserunning today was terrible." Reyes via

Turns out 0 percent wasn’t going to be possible

"[Young’s shoulder was] not to the point where I could let it go 100 percent.  Even 90 percent wasn’t going to be possible."  Young via

The high standards of the 2011 Mets

"It felt good to get a fastball and not miss it." Turner via

Yeah but Jason Pridie’s girlfriend added, "When you’ve got Jason Pridie and you see Ike Davis behind him, you’re probably going to want to date Jason Pridie."

"I’m not insulted, obviously, I know when you’ve got Ike Davis at the plate and you see Jason Pridie behind him, you’re probably going to want to pitch to Jason Pridie. But after I saw him walking, I sort of got into that competitive mode and really said to myself, ‘I’m doing this. I’m getting a hit right here,’ and really kind of locked in. It spurs a little emotion there."  Pridie via

Canadian Smack Talk

"You don’t view it as disrespect. It’s part of the game [regarding Beltran being IBB in front of Bay.]  But I think the gratification after that is a little sweeter."  Bay via

Silly TC, managers are supposed to throw players under a bus, it’s called job insurance, it’s what good managers do

"I told him I appreciated it.  But he didn't need to do that. You appreciate having a manager that has your back." Pelfrey regarding Collins saying Pelfrey’s poor outing at the end of April was his fault for letting him pitch sick via newsday

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