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All right here comes my first post so give me a break. I am a long time reader of this blog but always told myself I would never participate in the actual commenting. The recent "The Amazin Avenue Rec-ord Book" posts have changed my mind and after reading all these great posts I couldn't hold out any longer. I am now apart of Amazin Avenue and for my first post I will be giving my perspective as to what the Mets should do to improve in the future.

So I am only 19 and have grown up loving Mets players such as Mike Piazza, Robin Ventura, Cliff Floyd, (Three of my favorites) and more recently Jose Reyes, David Wright, Fransico Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran and yes, Jason Bay. But I can no longer take the current state the Mets are in right now. I listen to Philly sports talk from time to time while driving and I can no longer stand the way Philadelphia fans treat us like the Pittsburgh Pirates. Despite our recent struggles, WE ARE NOT THE PITTSBURGH PIRATES. WE WILL PREVAIL. And this is my personal opinion on how we can make that happen.

Trades. I am sick of Jose Reyes getting picked off of first base like he did AGAIN tonight. I am sick of D Wright striking out in every clutch situation possible. I am sick of K-rod blowing big games and even the ones he does close down, making it was too close for comfort. I am sick of Jason Bay giving us ZERO production. I think Beltran has been great this year, and that is exactly why we should trade him before he gets in a slump. I am ready for a complete overhaul of this team and that is not easy for me to say considering I group up as Jose and David did on the Mets. I was ecstatic the day we signed K-rod and Beltran, and although skeptical of the Bay signing, at least it was something. So basically this post is about trade possibilities from here so if your'e not interested in trading these guys then this post is not for you.

I heard this proposal on WFAN from I believe Evan Roberts. It gives us a young, somewhat proven outfielder as well as a solid starter who is also young and a temporary third baseman.

Mets get: Brandon Inge, Austin Jackson. Max Scherzer

Tigers get: David Wright

Then we get rid of possibly my favorite Met. Despite the fact that Jose Reyes can be one of the most exciting players in the game, I am tired of the negatives that come with him specifically injuries and lack of focus. He is on fire right now and this is the time to trade him. Also, Carlos Beltran is having a pretty solid year and I think he was one of the better free agency signings we have had over the years, but lets try to get something for him before he leaves. I propose this deal to get something back for them before they leave for free agency.

Mets get: Madison Bumgarner (potential ace?), Zach Wheeler (Great Low-A ball prospect), Charlie Culberson (starting second baseman potential), couple of throw in prospect

Giants get: Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran

Next Jason Bay. At the time I felt it was a horrible move and I am just about ready to give up on him. I would wait a few weeks because of the teams slightly improved play since his return but if he doesn't pick up his game , I would propose this move. We have to keep Lackey's contract for an extra year but the money is about even and I feel Lackey can improve pitching in the NL as well as pitching in Citifield

Mets Get; John Lackey

Sox get: Jason Bay

Next is K-rod. Can anyone really argue with trading this dude? He either blows a big game in the ninth, or makes it way to close for comfort. Not to mention his $17.5 million (i think?) option for 2012 which looks like he will inevitably reach if he stays with the Mets. I think two good fits could be the Rangers or the White Sox because he can be a setup man and not reach that option. I personally would not care what we got back for him and don't feel like doing the neceassry research so here is what I propose.

Mets get: A few mid level prospects and cash considerations

Rangers get: K-rod

Okay so that took way too long but I feel it is a solid first post. I know all of this is somewhat wishful thinking but I personally am ready to start over. Let me know what everyone thinks and I am excited to be apart of Amazin Avenue.

P.S. I am finally home from my first year of college in which I did not get Mets games on TV and I am SO excited to finally be able to watch a damn game despite the fact they are down 4-1 and all the points I covered in this post have been proved. GOOD NIGHT NEW YORK!

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