The Amazin' Avenue Rec-ord Book: #90 - 81


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With our rankings, we go forward into the 80s with this set - we have come pretty far down this list already, but there's still plenty more to go. We slide down to #90 - 81, after the jump...


Aarbnumber90_medium Dickey in the all-time classic Dickeyblanca. Click here to embiggen.


Dickey in the all-time classic Dickeyblanca.

Click here to embiggen.


Aarbnumber89_medium Another free agent tells the Mets to take a hike.

Another free agent tells the Mets to take a hike.


Aarbnumber88_medium D-3PO Embiggen





Aarbnumber87_medium Words of WAR

The fact that the Mets hired Sandy Alderson to be their new General Manager brings me hope as a Mets fan.  For an organization that has made so many puzzling decisions as far back as I can remember, the Mets seem to have gotten it right this time. There’s no guarantee that Sandy will turn the Mets around, get them back to the playoffs or achieve his – and every GM’s – goal of winning a World Series. But the vast majority of what he said on Day One was encouraging.

What’s amazed me about the Mets’ fan base is that the hiring of Alderson has served as a bit of a lightning rod for the "sabermetrics vs. scouting/old-school" debate. A lot of the comments being thrown about on blogs, Twitter and WFAN about the whole thing made me think: why the hell are people resistant to statistical analysis as an integral part of building a successful baseball team?

In college, I had an English professor for a basic college writing class, one of those core classes that everyone had to take but barely anyone took seriously. He basically opened up the class by saying that everything we’d been taught in school about the English language was bullshit. 

There were rules, he said, that were drilled into our heads to prevent us from making mistakes.  And one of them was that you couldn’t start a sentence with the word and. That may sound like a small thing, but it opened my mind.  When it came to writing, we’d learned the basics and gone through school systems which may have varied in quality but didn’t stray too far from the standard approach when it came to teaching kids how to write.

I’m thrilled that I took that class for two reasons: it drastically improved my confidence in and ability to write, and it was a tangible exercise in challenging things that seemed set in stone for nearly two decades.  In our own minds, we’d all like to think we’re rebels who question everything that’s presented to us, but the grand majority of us – people, that is – don’t experience that on a regular basis.

How the hell does this relate to baseball, you ask?

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Aarbnumber86_medium Oliver Perez is lowered into the mine to assist the miners. According to sources, the Mets have...


Oliver Perez is lowered into the mine to assist the miners. According to sources, the Mets have asked that he not be allowed back up.


Aarbnumber85_medium How To Make The 2011 Mets A World Series Caliber Team

Bumped from FanPosts. --Eric


What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.

Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

This small Shakespeare quote, while poetic and beautiful, is wrong to an extent. The whole concept of language involves the creation of a name to describe what we see. As a result, from a young age humans tend to associate an object with its name. For example, the word apple sparks an image in our heads, along with the words ‘red,' ‘shiny,' and ‘round.' While Shakespeare makes the point that an apple could just as easily have been called a banana, words in our society have been ingrained for quite some time and they can be used to illustrate our likes and dislikes.

Take, for example, your favorite Mets player(s). A baseball player, based on his talent level, has the unique ability to make his name sound attractive to his supporters. While the name David Wright can be used in a plethora of cheesy Gary Cohen phrases or Mets advertisement campaigns, his name is deemed ‘awesome' because it evokes incredible memories of his superior play.

Some names, however, grasp the hold of both the fair-weather and rabid of fans. These names cause people to stop whatever they are doing, and simply stand agape at the sheer amazement of what they have heard. An MLB player with the misfortune of having had such a name during his childhood now has the last laugh at his former bullies, as the name provides mystical powers far greater than his teammates and replacement level players.

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Aarbnumber84_medium The Mets have added an additional punishment to K-Rod's suspension.


The Mets have added an additional punishment to K-Rod's suspension.


Aarbnumber83_medium Transcript Of The 90-Minute Closed-Door Meeting Of Mets Management

Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya flew to Atlanta today to hold a closed-door meeting with the coaching staff. Through my extensive inside connections, I was able to record and transcribe the proceedings, reproduced below.

Jeff Wilpon: Here are your grade point averages. Mr. Minaya: two C's, two D's and an F. That's a 1.2. Congratulations, Omar. You're at the top of the Mets organization. Mr. Warthen?

Warthen: [drunk] Hello!

Jeff Wilpon: 0.2... Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son. Mr. Johnson, hitting coach? 1.6; four C's and an F. A fine example you set! Razor Shines... HAS no grade point average. All courses incomplete. Mr. Man...

[sees Jerry with a pair of pencils in his nostrils]


Omar Minaya: Are we fired?

Jeff Wilpon. No, not yet. You're all on probation. 

Jerry Manuel: But we're already on probation from last season. 

Jeff Wilpon: You are? Well, as of this moment, you're on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!


Aarbnumber82_medium An Analysis Of David Wright's Pitch Recognition

I've seen a lot of speculation around here about why David Wright is putting up higher than normal strikeout totals. Some suggest he can't hit sliders away, while others suggest it is his inability to hit an inside curveball due to a "bailing out" reflex. I decided to analyze Wright's pitch recognition for the four main pitches (four seam fastball, curve, slider, and changeup) to see if i could decipher any sort of trend.

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Aarbnumber81_medium Embiggen.




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