This Week in Mets Quotes

It was a blown call for sure, but I don’t know what additional explaination Riggleman was looking for

"I really didn’t get an explanation.  He said he was out." Riggleman via

Adorable reactions to getting the call

"It [feels like] the first time [I got called up.]  But it's this year so it feels good."  Tejada via espn

"It's great. I'll take that call every morning.  You wake right up when you get that call." Evans via espn

It’s true, it’s a little easier to take ABs when you’re in the lineup

 "It’s all about taking advantage of opportunities.  It’s a little easier to take your at-bats and get comfortable when you see your name in the lineup."  Turner via

Recharge the battery = Heal a fractured back

 "When you look at the big picture, it’s probably good and it’s probably beneficial for the long run.  It’s just that when you get in the heat of the moment you don’t want to take those days … (but) I think it’s good to kind of recharge the battery."  Wright via

Still refreshing to see a manager protect his players after a rough start

"[Gee’s] got a huge amount of people here and I know he was all amped up, so I’m going to cut him a little slack and hopefully he gets ready for his next start."  TC via

But does he a vest. Period.

"[Marino’s] the best. Period.  He’s the best and he’ll always be the best. Period." Frankie via espn

Canadian Smack Talk

"I live in Seattle, so that’s a summer day right there.  Growing up in the middle of nowhere Canada, and Washington, the drainage isn’t great, so you just deal with it."  Bay on Wednesday’s rainy game via espn

To tip your cap or not to tip your cap, that is the question

"I didn't get away with that, and he hit that a long ways.  You tip your cap."  Pelfrey via espn

"I hung a slider down the middle.  If you can't hit that, you don’t deserve to be here." Gorzelanny on Turner’s HR off him via espn  

So it’s not a good idea to pinch hit with injured stars, weird

"You just don't do that to a guy like that." Collins regarding PH Hu rather than an injured Wright via espn

I don’t know if you guys who are paid to watch and write about the happenings of a ball game noticed it

"I don’t know if you guys noticed it, but after the first inning, I started to pitch more conventionally a lot more than I ever have as a Met, simply to break the spiral that was occurring in the first inning."  Dickey via

Hey look, it’s a GM PR debacle that isn’t by our GM.  Progress.

"Immediately after the game, one of the umpires told Mets security guards outside their dressing room to "find the guy in the suit," apparently referring to Rizzo. Mets security VP Rob Kasdon arrived a few minutes later armed with a Nationals media guide to pore over headshots to identify Rizzo, sources said."  Via NY Daily News

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"SBN's biggest group of pissy, self-righteous commenters have done it again!"  Dutchmarau

AA Quote of the Week

"You guys are just irredeemably shitty, 24/7."  Dutchmarau

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