Dear Fred,

Dear Fred,

This post was written specifically for you. For a few years now my once high opinion of you has soured. I used to think you were a pretty nice guy, even a very good owner (although certainly not a superstar owner). I held this opinion of you even though I (and virtually every person with half a brain) thought your son Jeffy held way too influence in the club, considering he had roughly the same amount of brain cells as fungus. That has changed.

Over the last few years you have done much to make us forget that you were once considered competent. When you built a new stadium for our team, you initially left out mentions of our teams former glory in conspicuous parts of the park (perhaps you felt that the '69, '86 and 2000 editions of the Mets were shi**y clubs as well) while presenting us instead with the glories of a club now being run into the ground in Los Angeles. You also built the stadium absent of our teams blue and orange colors; colors that were a staple in good 'ol Shea Stadium.

We watched as you authorized the classless post midnight firing of Willie Randolph. We watched as you hired and extended Omar Minaya year after year even though he was obviously in way over his head (I would say that you as a schmuck extended him due to playoff series, except oh wait.........).

We watched as you authorized the signings of players (and yes I'm referring to you Mr. Castillo, Bay and Perez) to ridiculous contracts that couldnt even be blamed on good performances in playoff series.But you were snakebitten of course.

Then we watched this year as you became embroiled in a huge scandal (although to be fair, it's only 65-70% of the original Madoff scandal).

Now, Freddy, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. It could be you're just a very very stupid. If you argue this in court I'm sure maybe, just maybe, your lawyers can cobble together at least a little bit of evidence to support that claim.

And now you've done the final deed. On top of everything else you've done you've gone and farted on our fans collective grave. Thanks. It's been very much appreciated.

Now, if you'd please SELL THE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!

And Fred I'd just like to let you know that you're not alone. There are plenty of other people (non players) in sports who are vying for the Sports Most Awful Management Award and in them you can find solace.

Isiah Thomas

Jim Dolan

Any NFL Owner

Roger Goodell

DeMaurice Smith

Matt Millen

Kevin McHale / David Kahn

Donald Sterling

Peter Angelos

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