This Week in Mets Quotes

I’m not sure what just happened

"Unlike the Cocksure Carrot Top (Turner), Low Key Gee, Tiny Tejada and Scowlin' Murphy, all of whom walk around like they belong here, Duda is not as sure."  Andy Martino via nydailynews

This might be sooner than you think

"It's unreal, man.  [Reyes] doesn't have any flaws... I told him the other day, 'If I wasn't playing baseball, I'd buy a ticket to watch you play."  Willie Harris nydailynews

Canadian (self-reflective) smack talk

"I'm a realist.  I'm not playing that well, and that's just the reality of it. Had I been out there hitting .500, I think I'd have a little more say, but it's the way it is.  I just work here.  I'm just going to keep battling.  I don't have that much else to say."  Jason Bay nydailynews

Makes sense

"You want to play .500 or better."  Reyes via nydailynews

Crazy Horse

"They thought it was a homer, so I just went, 'It's an out. Save it for later." Pagan on the premature fireworks in Pittsburgh via nydailynews

I wish I talked good like Dickey

"I don't know if I've ever been 3-7 at anything, so obviously it's painful.  It's necessary to grieve that."  Dickey via nydailynews

Even in defeat, future NY Governor RA Dickey keeps prospective

"That was a great baseball game.  It's painful, and it sucks and I wish we would have won it, but it was a great baseball game."  Dickey via nydailynews

Maybe Duda should look up to Bay a little less and Reyes a little more  

"The last couple times I've been up, I haven't been too confident in myself.  I mean, it's the big leagues. You sit around the locker room, you're going to see guys like Jose (Reyes) and Carlos Beltran and Jason Bay. Guys you look up to. That's a big thing. It's your goal in life. It's your dream, and you get kind of nervous, or at least I do. I feel like I have to make the most of it, and sometimes maybe I press."  Duda via nydailynews

Does he also picture them naked?

"You kind of trick yourself into thinking you're back in Buffalo, instead of Pittsburgh or New York or wherever.  It kind of eases my tension a little bit when you see Turner playing third, Ruben playing second, Gee on the mound and Thole behind the dish."  Duda via nydailynews

I couldn’t hate you more

"You almost feel like you took something you didn’t deserve.  You’d rather get a hit, but you take it. It got us to the World Series once."  Larry Jones on if the walk-off balk via nyt

Oh wait, I hate you more

"Yeah, I could see that.  A walk and a balk. The difference is that one ended a season."  Larry Jones on if the walk-off balk reminded him of Kenny Roger via nyt

This changes nothing

"[Gee] was really good for four innings.  I don’t know who helped this guy with his transformation but he’s really, really tough right now."  Larry via

Balk?  What a BS call, I mean for the love of…oh nevermind

"Yeah, as soon as he said it, it made sense.  It’s kind of like surreal."  DJ Carrasco via

All your base are belong to Reyes

 "It was a little wet, I don’t know if they did that on purpose. … I don’t care if it’s wet or not, I’m going to try to steal anyway." Reyes via

AA Quote of the Week

"I think I’m going to get ‘Meet the Met’ recs.  I’m not going to get it."  anonymous

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"second best player at accumulating stats.  worst player in terms of effect on his teammates."  BJabs on Wright

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