No Way, Jose! Applesauce: Mets Beat Up Haren, Jose Says Thanks But No Thanks to Boras, Beltran Selfishly Loses Baseball on Shea Bridge


Mike Pelfrey threw a complete game and Carlos Beltran hit a mammoth (and selfish) two-run home run onto the Shea Bridge, as the Mets knocked around Dan Haren and beat the Angels 6-1. Pelfrey was solid in this one and limited the Angels to just a run. Cue the "Pelfrey's an ace" talk. While Pelfrey is likely just a middle of the rotation pitcher at best, Carlos Beltran is certainly a leader. It's going to be sad to see him leave after this season.

Quietly, Jason Bay seems to be heating up as he's 7 for his last 17 at the dish. Even though he has no extra base hits and it's a small sample size, we'll take anything from Jason at this point.

Jon Niese takes on rookie righty Tyler Chatwood in the rubber game at 1:00 on Father's Day.

Good news: Jose Reyes told Scott Boras to stick it where the sun don't shine, as he'll be sticking with his current agent Peter Greenberg. (The "stick it where the sun don't shine" line is complete conjecture on my part, but this is how I would hope it went down between Jose and The Devil Boras).

Fred Wilpon gave his new and improved opinion on Jose Reyes. Apparently, Wilpon's opinion is only 65-70% of what it was. Meanwhile, The Franchise gives his opinion on the Jose situation. If anybody knows a thing or two about this type of situation, it's Tom Terrific.

Stephen A. Smith yells at you in this video. Through all of the buzzwords and BS, Smith says that the Yankees should sign Jose. Um no. Just no.

Joel Sherman writes the same article he's written a million times already this season. We get it want to break up the team. How about some originality?

Gary Carter was rushed to the hospital after an intense coughing attack and was diagnosed with bronchitis. As we've said before, we wish you the best Kid. Get well soon.

Around the NL East

The Phillies beat the Marinersthe Marlins lost to the Raysthe Braves lost to the Rangers and the red hot Nats beat the Orioles.

Around the Majors

Phil Hughes is on the rehab trail for the Yankees. He'll start for the Staten Island Yankees against the Cyclones on Sunday.

Carl Crawford was placed on the DL after injuring his hamstring. Crawford wants Jose Reyes money. He's had everything wrong him. He won't get it.

Finally, Jeffrey Loria is a terrible owner. It's a shame he gets lost in the vortex of bad ownership that is Frank McCourt and Fred Wilpon. Loria deserves to be called out more often for his penny-pinching and for his inability to take any sort of criticism.

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