This Week in Mets Quotes

Couldn’t have said it better myself

"Walden gave us a little heart attack.  Putting Reyes on is pretty nasty-scary."  Tori Hunter via dailynews

Silly Capuano, Mr. Clutch, Beltran is not the name
"If you get two runners on for Beltran, I'll take it every time."  Capuano via dailynews

Wait, so you’re telling me the Mets FO couldn’t multi-task

"If I'm not mistaken, their priority was to get Bay done.  That was their big power hitter they needed. That's the way it works. It was late. It got to be January and where am I? I have four kids and family and we wanted to be settled, so we had to move on from the idea. That's just the way it works."  Pinero via dailynews

At least Pelfrey has a realistic view of himself

"I established it on the inside of the plate... and the curveball was pretty good today, which is pretty rare" Pelfrey via dailynews

Dude only cares about his next payday

"Sometime Pelfrey is in attack mode. Sometimes he relaxes himself and that really affects him on the mound.  (I told) him: today be aggressive (and) don't get so relaxed on the bench."  Beltran via dailynews

Canadian analysis

"The moment we get a little momentum we tend to give it back, for whatever reason." Jason Bay via dailynews

Maybe shoot for over .500 instead of under though

"We don't want to play .500 baseball.  .500 baseball gets you nowhere."  Those via dailynews

Andy Martino ladies and gentlemen

"So Dan Warthen did his bouncy trot to the mound. Throw Erick Aybar a sinker away, the pitching coach said. OK, Niese answered, before leaving the pitch in the center of the strike zone, accompanied by a note that said, "Dear Erick, Please whack this into right field for a three-run triple. Thanks, Jon."  Andy Martino via dailynews


"Six walks is freakin' ridiculous."  Gee via dailynews

Pagan stuffed socks in his uniform to look more like Jose

"I threw a couple of socks in the back of my head so I can look like Jose." said Pagan, who stuffed the socks under the skullcap in the back to imitate Reyes' bunched up dreadlocks via dailynews

I believe it’s called pulling a Dorn

"I’m staying in and holding my ground.  Unless it’s at my face or around my ankle or something, I’ll stay in there and take the bruise and get that game over with."  Turner via

Pathetic pitcher is pathetic

"I have to stop those pathetic outings. It’s really pathetic."  Frankie via

AA Quote of the Week

"If we ever make up Amazin Avenue t-shirt, underneath the logo really should be: ‘This really should be a Fanshot.’" TeufelCat

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"Remember 2006, Wainwright (bases loaded-enough said)." 1969met

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