This Week in Mets Quotes

Wins like this show that you can in fact beat the Pittsburgh Pirates

"You need wins like this to show you can do it.  You have 27 outs. You don’t stop until the game is over."  TC via

In other words, ‘work smarter, not harder’

"I’m running out of ideas here. I mean, do we play hard? Absolutely. That’s not the issue. The issue is not effort. That’s not it. It’s about execution."  TC via

Maybe the problem is we should be trying to add runs not points

"We have to add on some points when we get the lead and I’m not looking for home runs. I’m looking for quality at-bats."  TC via

I think there’s a euphemism somewhere in there

"They just tried to put good swings on the ball. They’ll take singles, if that’s all they can get," New York manager Terry Collins said

Say $142 million worth of gold

"You kind of take it for granted. You come to expect it.  [Reyes’ has] been doing it all year. It’s one of those things right now where everything he touches turns to gold." Bay via

BadAss ReyAss

"Now we know him." Reyes after the Mets hit 12 hits in three innings against Vance Worley who previously threw six innings of two-hit ball against the Mets via

He added, that contract isn’t going to vest itself

"Not fun, not fun at all.  Right now I’m going through really really tough pain, battling."  Frankie via espn

Guy only cares about his next contract #blamebeltran

"Thank god we were able to come back and win.  We needed this one to even up the series."  Beltran on the Mets rally against the Pirates via espn

I'm picturing a circular conga line where everyone is behind everyone

 "We know our manager is behind us 100 percent, and we have to be behind him."  Reyes via

Canadian (self-reflective) smack talk

 "Here we go again.  The way things are going for me, I kind of knew it was going to happen." Bay on McCutchen’s outstanding catch deep in right-center via espn    

An All-Star Vote for Dickey is a Vote for Transparency and Accountability

"I want everyone to hear me clearly.  My foot is a non-issue as far as the way things ended up tonight."  Dickey via espn

Pro-Poker players take time to reflect on David Einhorn’s 2006 WSOP run as well as remind everyone that they're skilled professionals and Jamie Gold sucks

"He seemed like a nice guy. I was somewhat aware that he was a rich hedge fund guy and was playing for charity. I don’t want to be negative. He was a very nice guy. But he definitely was an amateur player, so I was certainly looking forward to playing with him. He wasn’t terribly experienced from what I recall.’’  So how did he get that far? "It’s all probabilities, the person who won that year, Jamie Gold, hasn’t done anything since then and frankly was one of the worst players ever to win, according to most accounts. There is a lot of luck in the short term in tournament poker. On average the better players will make it further and deeper, but that doesn’t preclude an outlier.’’  Michael Binger 

"Jamie Gold won that year [in ’06.]  He was not a very good player. There have been some players in the past that aren’t that great that have won the whole thing. Just because he made a deep run doesn’t mean he’s a winning poker player who could do it for a living.  It becomes a numbers game where if there are maybe 500 or 600 professional players in the pool and 5,000 or 6,000 amateurs there is mathematically a good chance of one of those amateurs making a deep run or even making the final table.’’  Friedman

"I would expect him to be a very smart guy to be managing a hedge fun.  It’s very likely that just by being an extremely intelligent person he’s better at poker than a lot of amateurs in the field. It’s definitely an impressive accomplishment for anyone to make it that far. But I’m sure he had a lot of luck on his side as well."  Wilinofsky via newsday

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"Only the Mets.  OF COURSE the one transcendental player on the team would tear it up in his walk year. SMH."  chakrabs

AA Quote of the Week

"TC's rant reminds of the famous John McKay line while coaching Tampa Bay to an 0-26 franchise start:

Q: Coach, what do you think about the team’s execution?

A: I’m in favor of it."


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