This Week in Mets Quotes

Good one R.A.

"I guess the no-hitter’s next, right?"  Dickey regarding the end of the Mets grand slam drought via

I thought the team being snakebitten was the explanation

"Sometimes in this game, there’s things that take a while to happen. Today, we were able to hit two. No explanation for it."  Beltran via

All your base are belong to Reyes

 "I tried. I was looking for something in. Everything away, so I take a walk."  Reyes on missing the cycle by a HR via

J Bay eloquently capturing the moment

"To go from that to two in one game, I think was pretty unforeseen." Bay via

Reyes showing his leadership

"We press the other team. We know we’re not going to hit many home runs. Everybody contributes."  Reyes via

Duda being his usual cute self

"You build confidence off of it, maybe knowing that you can play with these guys on a daily basis."  Duda via

I thought I had a rough couple of months

"It’s nice not to have to pitch with a kidney stone or a blister, or a bruise on my arm.  It’s kind of nice to go out there and not have to deal with those kinds of things. I guess you can kind of say this is a rebound game from all that."  Matt Harrison, winning pitcher for the Rangers via

Ladies and gentlemen, Andy Martino

"We're still here at this dingy bar, watching the Mets chat up .500. There was a one-night stand earlier this month, but they lost her. It is getting near closing time. Something needs to happen with this season, or nothing ever will."  Andy Martino via dailynews

Dickey is boycotting Andy Martino

"What you guys are doing here is a little bit ridiculous. You guys need to be interviewing Bay and Reyes, make the night about them. If I'm even mentioned in an article, I'm going to boycott."  Dickey via dailynews

Anonymous National League Executive weighs in

"I would bet that some of those guys, like Beltran and K-Rod and maybe Reyes, really want a change of scenery at this point. They have been through a lot of bad times there." Some dude via dailynews

Where did you get that beauty scar, tough guy.  Eatin’ (pineapple.)

"We get David back after the All-Star break, and we can (mess) (stuff) up in the wild card race."  Anonymous Met Player via dailynews    

Canadian Smack Talk

"You have good at-bats and blah blah blah, that whole thing, but ultimately you want results."  Bay after his grand slam via dailynews

I need to add ‘dadgum’ into my vernacular posthaste

"[Bay] is so steadfast in his pursuit to get better.  The guy is a tireless worker. He never complains about a dadgum thing, so it's nice to see him get a payoff for all the hard work."  Dickey via dailynews

AA Quote of the Week

"Imagine if the '86 Mets were facing Phil Coke tonight. That would be the easiest Daily News Headline ever. "Mets pound Coke, also beat Tigers". Be like two worlds colliding."  AnthonyR

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"What really sucks Is that things cannot get any better when Wright comes back or Davis comes back. We might have a few more homers, but more strikeouts in two out situations."  Seaver73

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