The Best Quotes from Baseball's All-Star Break

Probably the best aspect of baseball's Midsummer Classic is that as the league's top players all gather together in one place, it creates for a lot more media buzz. But that's not the good part; the good part is that the increased attention puts a lot more guys behind the mike who probably shouldn't be. Thus spaketh Brian Wilson.

Now bear with me because these are not Mets-related but these are just a few pretty damn funny -- non-Timberlake related -- quotes from the past few days in and around the All-Star Break that I needed to share:

"It's a onesie, so it has built-in gloves that are a little dirty because I've been getting a little awkward here on the carpet. And I've got my cougar cane — my 'plus one' tonight. And the socks came in the fan mail from a San Francisco Giants fan. You know who you are, thank you. It said: ‘Enjoy.’ That was the letter. And I'm currently enjoying them. Ninja socks."       

-- Giants closer Brian Wilson, after being asked to explain his outfit from Wednesday night's ESPY awards.


"It's like watching a movie and you're just waiting for the plot to kick in. Waiting for it to kick in. And it's just driving you crazy. And we're two/thirds of the way through the plot and Sandra Bullock hasn't taken her top off yet. We're waiting for it."

-- Reds first baseman Joey Votto, upon being asked why the Reds have gotten off to a slow start.


"Ben [Revere] is doing a terrific job. If one of your top researchers there [at XM radio] can come up with the Twins record when Ben Revere starts in center field -- you might be able to hit some kind of button on that computer to figure that out -- he's been pretty good."

-- Former Twins Manager and current advisor Tom Kelly, explaining what he would do with Minnesota CF Ben Revere when Denard Span gets healthy. News Flash: It's hilarious to listen to old people talk about technology, more so when you add in baseball.


"Hello ladies and gentleman, I'm Brian Wilson from the San Francisco Giants. And I'm a cyborg. And that's why I don't need a computer to log on to vote for the ESPY's...I can use my brain. It's science."

-- Wilson again, this time doing a promo for the previously mentioned ESPY awards. A large part of me thinks that none of it was planned.

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