This Week in Mets Quotes

Thank-you Bel-Tran

"Thank-you Bel-Tran."  Chant from right field stands during the top of the ninth.  Beltran raised his glove in acknowledgement.

We all do

"I heard the fans cheering.  It was great. Let’s hope I can come back."  Beltran via post

Canadian Smack Talk

"Most of the time at the deadline, you never really know what’s going to happen.  I think in [Beltran’s] case, everybody has an inclination it’s not a matter of if, but when. You never know, but there are an overwhelming set of factors for him not to stay here."  Bay via post

We could’ve been ‘pretty good’ this year

 "It’s somewhat disappointing we never got to see the lineup we planned on having, because it was pretty good." Collins via post

So after he’s gone, you stop playing?

"That's our job, to keep playing.  The trades and rumors are out of our hands. We all hear about them, but Carlos is here now. If he's gone, we'll play until he's gone."  Pagan via post

Dickey with the correct response to the Beltran question

"What's the alternative? To give up? You don't give it a lot of thought. He's a great player, and I surely don't want to face him."  Dickey via post

Oh #HatsOffPHI

"I like big, tall, lanky guys."  Charlie Manuel via

Bay has been missing ‘it’ for two years now

"I missed it.  It’s one of those things where I missed it." Bay via

We’ve been seeing variations of this quote for 3 years now

"Any team in this league that loses guys like that are going to have a tough time getting offense generated.  But we still have to plug away and put the ball in play and spread the ball around and run the bases a little bit better and be aggressive on the bases, and we just didn’t do that." Collins via

Veteran closer move by Izzy

"I thank Bobby for getting through Albert for me."  Izzy regarding Parnell getting Pujols out the inning before his first save via

The baseball gods work in mysterious ways

"I knew it was going to happen this way.  The baseball gods, that’s how they do it."  Izzy regarding getting his first save for his former team against his former team via

Get Pagan’s kids season tickets

"I can’t hit a ball any harder than that.  You want to be a role model for your kids. It’s great for them to see something like this."  Pagan via

I shant believe Beltran is a mere mortal akin to myself

"He’s a human being." Collins on Beltran via

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"Can anyone explain to me the deep, deep love for Beltran on this site? The guy’s a good player and all, but he’s had three good years and three bad years for us (plus this year). It’s not like he’s been some insane world beater for his tenure as a Met."  Afrosupreme

AA Quote of the Week

"Yeah, you're completely off.  He has had three Hall of Fame caliber seasons, one great season cut short by injury (2009), one mediocre season, and one bad half-season affected by injury, and he is currently enjoying another great season. He was the premier player at his position through most of his time with the team, and is one of the top three or four everyday players in the history of the franchise.  So excuse us for liking the guy."  dcmetsfan

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