This Week in Mets Quotes

A fitting farewell

"[Beltran] came over and shook everybody’s hands and said thank you."  Pagan via

Gotta admire the confidence

"Let's make the playoffs, too, and let's beat Carlos Beltran.  I mean, how cool would that be?  Trade our best hitter and then send him home?"  Harris via dailynews

I missed Wright’s ability to turn any question into a canned sports response

"I don’t want to do [the spotlight,] but they’re kind of making me.  I feel a little awkward doing it. But it feels good to compete. You miss that. Competing on this level is an adrenaline rush, and when you do well, you get excited. That’s what that was."  Wright via

Is there a batter who sucks at hitting mistakes?

"[Sanchez’s] a good mistake hitter.  That’s what he does, and he’s going to do it for a long time. You just can’t make mistakes to him."  Thole via

Selfish Wrong calls out entire pitching staff

"You get out to a lead, but you’re pretty sure 2-0 isn’t going to beat most teams."  Wright via

I literally don’t believe you

"I literally felt like I was in a dogfight out there, just fighting myself the whole time." Gee via

I’m assuming he means Vaseline

"I believe in the old man [Izzy.]  He’s got a lot of tricks up his sleeve."  Dickey via

The first step is admitting you have a problem

"[The home runs] has been a big problem for me this year, and it didn’t get any better tonight.  They were mistakes, and I paid for them."  Big Pelf via

Byrdak/Bruce:  This time it’s personal

"We talked about it before the game.  [Byrdak} said that was the worst night of his career. I’m sure he was determined there."  TC regarding that Bruce hit a first-pitch, game-ending homer off Byrdak last Sept. 28 for a 3-2 win over Houston that clinched the NL Central title.  Brydak proceeded to strikeout Bruce on three pitches via

Pridie showing off his detailed knowledge of the game

"When you’re allowed extra outs in any game, more than 27, that’s a key."  Pridie via

Duda being Duda

"I’ll try my best out there and see what happens."  Duda displaying his usual confidence regarding his move to RF via

Collins’ is a bit more demanding of Duda

"He’d better get comfortable real fast." TC via

Canadian Smack Talk

"I’m sure you guys had questions.  We did, too. It’s nice to have a chance to deal with reality instead of focusing on the what ifs."  Bay via

It is a nice change from the previous regime

"The big picture is obviously there is a plan in place, and the front office is sticking to that plan.  You can't doubt them. You have to understand that there is always two sides to everything, and by no means is this signaling that we're just going to play out the season."  Wright via dailynews

Wright puts the last thoughts of an era

"Carlos Beltran did not lose us that series.  Carlos Beltran, if anything, kept us in that series longer than maybe we should have been... We've experienced a little bit of good, quite a bit of bad, but throughout the whole process we have stuck together and had each other's backs."  Wright via dailynews

May I present Andy Martino, verbatim

""Well, those teams are in first place, almost," he said. "The only one that is not in first place is Atlanta, but they're ahead in the wild card. Yeah, if that happens, I would love to be with one of those teams."

(Yo, Mets Nation, hold your HE SAID WHAT?!? outrage; Beltran also noted that "it's not like I want to get out of here. I'm enjoying these guys.")"  The Andy Martino via dailynews

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"Problem with Bay is we'll send him to buffalo, he’ll rake, but when he returns he would still suck. He’s just one of those guys that can’t handle NY. Although if he went to the yanks he probably would be in the triple crown running. It’s the way of the Mets with big FA signings most don’t pan out. That’s why you don’t give a guy you don’t know if he can handle NY a 5 yr deal."  TheKid08

AA Quote of the Week

The AA community (with a h/t to TGP reps) via this thread

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